Monday, September 1, 2008

Helen Mirren, Oscar winning actress, admits victimization by date rape

Dame Helen Mirren has waded into potential controversy over the issue of date-rape.
The star has spoken previously of being a victim of date-rape herself.Asked if she reported the incidents, which took place when she was younger, to the police, she told GQ magazine: "No, you couldn't do that in those days.

If a woman voluntarily ends up in a man's bedroom, takes all her clothes off and engages in sexual activity in bed with him she has the right to say "no" at the last second, Dame Helen said. If the man ignored her it was rape, Dame Helen said.

But she said: "I don't think she can have that man into court under those circumstances."I guess it is one of the many subtle parts of the men/women relationship that has to be negotiated and worked out between them.

"Times have changed. I hate young girls going around beating each other up, but I love the fierceness of young girls nowadays, and the way they just say, '**** off', because I wish I'd been taught to say '**** off' when I was younger."I wish I'd had those words in my arsenal of self-defence.

Instead, I was polite and didn't have the courage to say that to men who wouldn't accept 'no' for an answer.The convent school educated actress said she was innocent and naive until she went to college in London.

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