Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cedar Grove, Wi man charged with beating "girlfriend"

Eric C. Anderson, 33, or Cedar Grove, WI, was charged with false imprisonment, felony intimidation of a victim, and misdemeanor battery for allegedly beating his girlfriend, locking her in a closet, and threatening to burn her if she reported the attack, which occured Tuesday.

The resident[in the girlfriend's apartment building] said she heard yelling, screaming, chasing and the sound of body slams off and on over the next four hours. The girlfriend — who had bruises covering her body, a swollen face and difficulty walking — initially told authorities she "probably fell," but later said Anderson was to blame for the bruises.

She said Anderson at one point threw her into a hallway closet and shut and secured the door. He told her he would burn her and do anything he could to have her kids taken away if she reported the assault.

Anderson, who was charged Wednesday, faces 8 3/4 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

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