Friday, September 12, 2008

Man who blackmailed woman into sex convicted of rape - faces 60 years

(Original Post July 30)
A Topeka, KS man was convicted of blackmailing a woman into sex by using information obtained from her computer to coerce her into the sexual activity. Robert Hetch, the prosecutor in the case, will seek the maximum sentence at sentencing September 5. James Brooks III, 39, was convicted of a count of rape, 2 counts of blackmail, and a single sount of breach of privacy, according to the Shawnee County DA.

Brooks forced the victim to engage in sex with him by blackmailing her with threats of "taking actions that would severely impact the lives of several persons" by using information he gained from the victim's computer, Hecht said. He said the information wasn't of any criminal conduct.

Maximum sentences, if run consecutively, total 60 years in prison.

(Update 9-12-08) Brooks was sentenced to over 15 years in prison on September 5 - 155 months for the rape, and a year each for 2 counts of blackmail and a count of invasion of privacy.

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