Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jackson, MS man sentenced to 20 years for stabbing, attempted burning of wife

Henry Watson, 43, was charged with aggravated assault last year for stabbing his wife 32 times, then trying to set her on fire in the parking lot of a Jackson, MS store. He was finally sentenced to 20 years in prison for the attack yesterday by Judge Winston Kidd. Before sentencing, relatives expressed sorrow, but also told the court he did not remember the incident.

During testimony it was revealed that Henry Watson saw a psychologist who determined that he was not suffering from illness at the time of the attack.

The victim, Gracie Watson, was in the courtroom. She took the stand and shared her story of pain after being stabbed 32 times, then doused with gasoline. She suffered a punctured lung during the assault.

"He had a choice not to do me like this, but he chose to do me like this. Today is not a good day for me because so many people are hurt on today -- I'm hurt because of my son, but I truly believe that justice was served."

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