Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Jersey murder leads to 55 year sentence for "boyfriend"

Boyce Singleton Jr, 29, who killed his pregnant girlfriend Michelle Cazan, 38 of Mansfield, was sentenced to 55 years in prison by Burlington County, NJ, Judge Patricia R. LeBon for the murder. He put on an insanity defense, claiming that God wanted her dead because she would not folow his beliefs, but that defense was rejected. Lebon rejected that defense and a request for a new trial, because Singleton claimed there was not a fair trial.

“This is a senseless act that is hard to explain under any circumstance,” LeBon said, calling the evidence in the case “graphic and chilling.”

Singleton admitted he shot and stabbed Cazan multiple times after the two had argued for hours and she refused to give him her car keys so he could leave her house in Mansfield.
Singleton, however, testified that he killed her because he believed God wanted her dead because she was “evil.” He said he knew she was evil because Cazan did not want to follow his extreme religious beliefs, including rejecting money and living in the woods with their unborn child.

Testimony revealed Singleton believed he was a soldier of God sent to “eradicate evil” and had a hit list of people he was supposed to kill for God. A defense expert said Singleton suffered from a mental illness that made him delusional and psychotic. Yesterday, authorities said he no longer takes medication for that illness.

Burlington County Assistant Prosecutor Robert Van Gilst asked for a life sentence because "the victim did nothing, but take him in, take care of him and give him love and affection. His anger was the sole reason for the murder...Michelle Cazan is gone to her family. To allow him to one day walk free is not right.” Van Glist also stated that the insanity defense should be rejected because he knew right from wrong.

Singleton asked for forgiveness from the victim's family.

"I know how much she meant to you and how much you meant to her. I pray to God you may find it in your heart to forgive me.”

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