Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sheriff's deputy dismissed for sex with 17 year old girl - no charges filed

A former sheriff’s deputy who had sexual contact with a girl while she turned 18 will not face criminal charges. Bryce Adams, who worked at Newton High School in Troy, OH, resigned after 15 years as a sheriff’s deputy on April 24.

Allegations were made to the sheriff's department in April by a former student, now 20 years old. Sheriff Charles Cox said Adams was accused of having a sexual relationship with the girl, then 17, in October 2005 on Newton school property.

The investigation was turned over to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and Shelby County Prosecutor Ralph Bauer acted as special prosecutor.

Bauer said the girl had graduated from Newton High School and was 17 at the time of what he termed "the first occasion." She was 18 on the second occasion, Bauer wrote.

Bauer found that the relationship was "inappropriate, but does not rise to the level of criminal activity under any of the sections of the Ohio Revised Code."

Adams’ lawyer Jose Lopes stated that while unaware of the findings, "Bryce has paid a very steep penalty for his indiscretion."

He also stated a rhetorical question about his clients behavior. "Is it inappropriate? Does it violate the sheriff's office policies and procedures? Yes. That's why it cost him his job."

Ohio’s AOC is 16, and teachers who go with their students (or for that matter, any student in the same school as they work in) can be charged with sexual battery, even when the victim is over 16 (or for that matter, 18). Here are 2 cases where teachers have been convicted for sex with over the AOC students. Perhaps laws covering school employees need to be expanded to cover school resource officers.

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