Thursday, September 25, 2008

Girls' field hockey coach convicted of child porn charges

Tood Broxmeyer, a former New York girls' field hockey coach, was convicted September 18 of child pornography charges and taking minors across state lines for sexual activity for enticing a 17 year old girl to not only take suggestive pictures of herself, but also to procure photos of other teenage girls who were on his hockey teams.

The victim whose charges led to Broxmeyer's conviction was a 17 year old girl in a sexual relationship with Broxmeyer last year. A private coach, Broxmeyer coached girls from Broome County, NY (county seat Binghampton), New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

While Patrick Kilker, Broxmeyer's attorney, stated that none of the girls were coerced into sending pictures of themselves to their coach, Assistant U.S. Attorney Miroslav Lovric stated in closing arguments Tuesday, September 16 that "these girls were pieces of meat that he nibbled and chewed on to enjoy himself."

The young woman whose testimony was read back during deliberations testified she either took the pictures herself or asked other players for them as a challenge for Broxmeyer.

"They made me feel like I did something right," she told the jury Tuesday.

A conviction on the production charge alone carries a potential 30-year prison sentence.
On the surface, Lovric said Broxmeyer was not the stereotypical child predator, clad in a trench coat and enticing children with candy.

Instead, Lovric said he was successful and attractive. A national field hockey association recommended him to parents as one of the best coaches in the country.

Broxmeyer, arrested on December 22, also faces many state child sex charges for the incidents.

While Pennsylvania and New Jersey's AOC's are both 16 and New York's AOC is 17, the federal statute defining child pornography defines a minor as under the age of 18, making the photographs illegal, even though sex with the 17 year old player was legal (but highly unethical and immoral). Broxmeyer is scheduled to be sentenced next January.

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