Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Man, angered wife was divorcing him, sentenced to 2 dozen years for attempted murder

A California man who sliced his estranged wife in the face, hoping to stab her in the chest was sentenced to 24 years in prison for her attempted murder yesterday. 47 year old Anthony Taylor of La Mesa, was sentenced by a judge in an El Cajon courtroom.

Taylor told Judge Patricia K. Cookson that he “was on medication and under a lot of stress” when he pleaded guilty. He also said his lawyer hadn't fully explained the consequences of his actions. He wanted to withdraw his plea and go to trial.

The judge denied his request, saying no evidence existed that the medication prevented Taylor from understanding his change of plea.

Deputy District Attorney Danielle Hickman stated that the attack started after Mrs. Taylor told the attacker she was divorcing him, he followed her to the Grossmont transit station, where the attack occurred. Taylor pleaded guilty on May 1 to attempted murder, personal infliction of great bodily harm, and personal use of a knife.

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