Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Honolulu wife killer sentenced to life with parole

Wife killer sentenced to life in prison for brutal stabbing

Victim was left on ground with 14-inch knife stuck in her chest
By Jim Dooley [Honolulu]Advertiser Staff Writer

Roy Hartsock was sentenced to life in prison yesterday after saying that he "dearly loved" the woman he brutally killed early this year.

The sentence was handed down by Circuit Judge Richard Pollack after the children of the victim, Jenny Hartsock, tearfully and haltingly told the court how much they loved and missed their mother.

Hartsock stabbed his wife to death Jan. 9, after they had been married just six months.
He left her body lying on the ground outside their Gulick Avenue apartment with a 14-inch knife embedded in her chest.

Hartsock was on parole for burglary and assault convictions at the time of the slaying.
Testifying at the sentencing hearing were the victim's three children from a previous marriage, Dayle Dano, 23; Dazzerie Dano, 21; and Deann Dano, 14. A hanai daughter, Jasmin Doningo, 20, also testified.

The victim's sister, Tracey Uejo, spoke at length to Hartsock during the hearing, saying he had a chance to turn his life around after he met Jenny.

"You and you alone chose to throw it all away from the moment you were given the gift of knowing Jenny," Uejo aid.

"You destroyed the only person willing to help you. And in the process, you have destroyed a part of so many lives," she said.

Hartsock apologized to Jenny Hartsock's parents, Thomas and Janet Uejo, saying he was "deeply sorry" for what he had done. He also apologized to her children. "I loved my wife dearly and I'm sorry for the pain I put you through," he said.

Judge Pollack called the killing a "senseless, brutal" crime and sentenced Hartsock to life in prison with possibility of parole.

Hartsock pleaded guilty to manslaughter, which normally carries a maximum term of 20 years in prison, but agreed to an extended term of life as part of a plea deal with city prosecutors.
The Hawaii Paroling Authority will meet later to decide how much time Hartsock must serve before he is eligible for parole.

Before his sentencing, a small group of advocates for domestic-violence victims held signs outside the courthouse to call attention to domestic violence.

Dara Carlin, who organized the rally, said that on the day that Jenny Hartsock's killer was being sentenced, she wanted to send the message that domestic violence is preventable.

Noting that Jenny Hartsock's three children are now without their mother, Carlin said: "It shouldn't have to end up this way. If we really want to stop domestic violence, we've got to do more."

Advertiser staff writer Rob Perez contributed to this report.
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