Friday, September 26, 2008

Newton, AL man sentenced to 42 years for stabbing wife to death in front of son

Darrin Keith Johnson, 41, of Newton, AL was sentenced to 42 years in prison September 18 for the stabbing death of his wife, 40 year oldAlison on Christmas Eve 2007 in front of their 5 year old son. He admitted stabbing his wife multiple times in the chest and neck, pleading guilty to the murder charge August 18.

During the sentencing hearing at the Dale County Courthouse in Ozark, District Attorney Kirke Adams argued for a stiff sentence in light of the violent nature of the crime and because the Johnsons' 5-year-old child witnessed the murder. William White, Johnson's attorney, asked for a 20-year sentence and leniency. Testimony at the hearing included the 911 tape, divorce documents and crime scene photos.

Judge P.B. McLaughlin sentenced Johnson to 42 years because that was his wife's calculated life expentancy. He will be eligible for parole in 10 years.

Adams'' statement about the case resolution is below.

The family and I feel that justice was served, especially since the Department of Corrections considers a sentence of 30 years to be equal to life. Johnson received a greater sentence. It is a shame that Johnson's actions did not meet the legal requirements for capital murder, and therefore, he will be eligible to be released one day. I will make sure that I attend the parole hearing with the family to protest his release every time he becomes eligible.

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