Sunday, August 31, 2008

Signs of adult predation given by Cyberpaths

Cyberpaths is a website which exposes, pans and denounces sexual predators of adults, which can be found on online dating sites and anywhere there are vulnerable people. They give the signs below that adult sexual predators use to groom and control their victims:

-- controlling a persons time and environment, leaving no time for thought (sweeping you off your feet??)
-- creating a sense of powerlessness, fear and dependency ("need")
-- manipulating rewards and punishments to suppress former social behavior ("if you... then I will")
-- manipulating rewards and punishments to elicit the desired behavior (disappearing offline without warning or when you have trouble and need them the most? all TALK no actions to back it up?)
-- creating a closed system of logic which makes dissenters feel as if something was wrong with them (making you feel guilty or that you don't 'love' or 'care for' them if you go against the cyberpath's wishes?)
-- keeping recruits unaware about any agenda to control or change them (comments like: "I would never hurt you, I would never lie to you, I can't believe you think I am lying/ using you...." etc)
(sounds like abuse..... doesn't it?)

Cyberpaths then goes on to say that all of these are signs of grooming, not dating, and gives this warning.

Just keep all this in mind when dealing with a cyberpath or anyone online. And realize that while we don't believe in or espouse not taking responsibility - but how can anyone be themselves or make informed decisions when they are being coercively controlled & manipulated? - Remember this next time you say "I was so stupid to fall for it" or wonder what red flags you missed or didn't see. Like slight of hand - these predators are good at getting you sucked in before you know what hit you.

If that's the case, then perhaps the script should be flipped - adult sexual abusers are actually the over 18 versions of child and adolesent sexual abusers. It's the people who claim true love, and then strike that are imitating those who seduce adolescents, not vice-versa.

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Anonymous said...

I have just recently been woken up to an online gay predator that is a big bodybuilder down in Argentina. I am so distraught, because we have actually met once long ago, and I merely agreed to help him emigrate to Canada, not pay his rent in Mendoza Argentina. I got sucked in by an evil genius. I thought I was smart enough, but it was too late. After doing my own investigation, I found out the truth. Now I'm going create my own blog for adult gay men, who have been victimized by these beautiful beasts and frauded and extorted. This is a huge problem in the gay community because we depend on the internet so much to find each other. Many of us are very lonely and isolated by our sexual orientation and that makes us huge targets for these evil geniuses. His name is Julian M...beware!! he is very dangerous. if you see FISICOCULTURISTA_32 in or mendozamusc screenname, run the other way!!!he is a beautiful specimen of a man that uses his extreme sexual power to extort money out of his many victims.