Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Arkansas man sentenced to life without parole for murder of ex-wife, kidnapping of son

Green County, AR Circuit Court Judge David Laser formally sentenced Kristopher Parker on August 13, 2008 for the June 2007 attacks after pleading guilty to a count of 1st degree murder and a count of 1st degree kidnapping. The rape charge was dismissed as part of Parker’s guilty plea.

In June 2007, Parker was accused of beating his ex-wife, Tiffany "Raines" Parker (also a Kennett native), to death, raping her, and then kidnapping their toddler son, Carson, from Raines' home in Paragould, Ark., before turning himself into Green County authorities the following morning.

On Wednesday [August 13], Parker told Laser that he did, in fact, beat his ex-wife to death with a tool carpenters typically use to install carpet and other types of flooring.

According to information reported by the Paragould Daily Press on Friday, Parker also admitted to kidnapping his and Tiffany's child, and apologized to the Raines family for their loss, and for his actions that tragic day.

Parker took full responsibility for his ex-wife’s death and his son’s kidnapping, stating that they did not deserve what had happened to them.

"You all have been through more in this past year than anyone should have to go through. I hope God gives you all peace. And I beg you for forgiveness."

Life sentences in Arkansas are always without parole.

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