Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Darien, CT probationary firefighter convicted of sex assault at headquarters

(Original Post 6-24-08)
Marcus Velez, 18, of Darien, CT, pleaded guilty to 3rd degree sexual assault after admitting raping a 18 year old woman at the Stamford, CT fire department headquarters Thursday, June 19. He will serve 15 days in jail and spared himself a jury trial with a possible 1st degree sexual assault charge.

Velez was accused of forcing the 18-year-old victim to perform oral sex in January 2007, and admitted to the details in court. He was 17 at the time of the incident.
Assistant State's Attorney Maureen Ornousky said the victim and her mother wanted to avoid a trial and believe the outcome was fair. Velez and the victim previously had been friends, she said.

"She felt it was important that he get some punishment and that he take responsibility," Ornousky said.

Velez will formally be sentenced to a 5 year suspended prison sentence followed by 10 years of probation on August 21.

(Update 8-27-08) The sentencing was as expected, except for the date being postponed to Monday, August 25.

A victim's advocate read aloud letters from the woman and her mother.

"The whole thing changed my life to the point where I wished it all went away," the victim wrote.

She also wrote that because of the drawn-out case and news reports about it, people figured out she was the victim, but she feels some did not believe her.

The victim's mother wrote that she felt that Velez should get the maximum possible sentence, but she supports her daughter, who wants the matter resolved.

Velez has to obey a lifetime restrainging order, undergo SO treatment and listing, and is facing charges for inpersonationg a police officer.

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