Sunday, August 24, 2008

Commerce City, CO man sentenced to life without parole for killing wife

A man who killed his estranged wife on Christmas Eve 2006 by stabbing her 60 times was sentenced to life without parole Friday in a Commerce City, CO courtroom. Natisha Gallegos, 30, was killed by her husband Albert, 33 after an alleged rape and death threats a month before the actual murder. Natisha, the mother of 2 kids, had a restraining order in place when she was stabbed to death, and her body was found by her sister.

Albert changed his plea from not guilty by reason of insanity to guilty of 1st degree murder Friday.

Adams County District Attorney Don Quick said the homicide was "particularly brutal and senseless."

"Although (the sentencing) will be no means bring an end to the suffering Mrs. Gallegos' family has endured as a result of this terrible tragedy, hopefully they can now begin the process of healing," said Quick.

District Judge Thomas Ensor oversaw Friday's proceedings.

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