Saturday, August 23, 2008

Iowa wife rapist sentenced to 5 1/4 more years for child porn

A Iowa man, 35 year old Travis Frey, serving 10 years in prison for the 3rd degree sexual abuse and domestic abuse causing injury of his wife back in 2006 has been sentenced to another 5 1/4 years in federal prison Tuesday, August 19 for child porn possession.

The case drew international exposure, not because of the crime itself, but because of a five-page document in the court file titled "Contract of Wifely Expectations." Frey allegedly presented the contract to his wife. The contract outlined how she was to dress, what she should wear to bed and how she should groom herself.

During the course of investigating the kidnapping and domestic abuse charges, two home computers were seized from Frey's residence. A computer forensics expert found more than 99,000 images of pornography on one of the computers.

The Pottawattamie County Attorney's Office believed that several of the pictures found were illegal pictures of minors, and initially charged Frey with 40 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. Those charges were dropped when it was learned Frey would face federal charges.

Frey's child porn sentence will be served after the sentence for wife rape, and comes with a $100 special assessment to the local victims' fund, and 10 years of supervised release.

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