Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wisconsin prison doctor accused of sexually assaulting male inmates

A former Stanley Correctional Facility physician is facing 6 felony counts of sexual assault after allegedly using his position to sexually assault patients. 46 year old Brian Bohlmann, of Madison, was charged in Chippewa County Court yesterday with 3 counts of 2nd degree sexual assault by correctional staff, 2 counts of 3rd degree sexual assault and a count of 4th degree sexual assault. The second degree charges carry a maximum 40 year sentence, and 3rd degree sex assault carries a maximum 10 year sentence in a Wisconsin prison.

According to the criminal complaint: An inmate at the prison first reported on Sept. 19, 2007 that two days before he had been sexually assaulted by Bohlmann. The 25-year-old man said he went to the doctor for a back problem, but Bohlmann’s exam concentrated on the genital and rectal areas and included collection of seminal fluid. He said after the exam, Bohlmann told him they had to keep things between themselves or they could get in trouble.

In October 2007, another inmate went to Bohlmann for a routine physical, including a complaint about pimples on his side, and the exam included the doctor running ungloved hands over his body and genital contact.The inmate said at one point he put his clothes back on and Bohlmann had him undress again for a prostate exam.Another inmate reported that in September 2007 he went to Bohlmann about a rash on his waistline, under his arms and on his knees and Bohlmann’s exam included genital contact and a rectal exam that the inmate felt went on too long.

As a result of complaints, the medical supervisor for the Department of Corrections ordered Bohlmann not to do any below-the-waist exams without another staff member present.

DA Jon Thiessen stated that the charges came after a thorough investigation of Wisconsin’s Department of Justice. His statement summarizing the reasons for the charges is shown below.

“Medical doctors take a Hippocratic Oath wherein they swear to protect their patients from harm and injustice. It is despicably ironic and unjust that any doctor would use his or her position to sexually harm patients. The Chippewa County District Attorney’s Office zealously prosecutes all sexual offenders. This office has earned a reputation for successful prosecution in support of sexually assaulted women, children and disabled. All victims, including prison inmates, deserve our aggressive prosecution of their offenders.”

Bohlmann will make an initial court appearance October 28.

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Hollywood Beach said...

I'm glad these inmates had the courage to report these criminal offenses, as they are just the tip of the iceberg of male victimization. Prisons are institutionally heterosexist, and these inmates should be compensated for these crimes. This matter must be fully investigated and stand as an example to other institutions.