Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Boyfriend" charged with physically assaulting woman - sex assault charges next

Michael Patnode, 46, was arrested for allegedly beating and raping his girlfriend. This is the second time that police arrested him for assault. According to police, the 1st arrest took place after a May incident where Patnode took her clothes, dragged her down stairs and slammed her head against concrete. He was found guilty of unlawful restraint for that incident and received probation on July 9.

State police found the 45-year-old woman walking north on Route 61 north of Route 6 around 4 a.m. She told police she and Patnode were drinking earlier and smoking crack cocaine at her Hickory Lane home. Patnode, formerly of Perry's Cove, Fla., came to Bethlehem in April to stay with the woman, she said.

When she told Patnode she wanted to break up with him he "threw her around the house", according to a police report. She got in his truck with him because she was afraid he would hurt her, she told police.Patnode drove down Route 61, turned onto Route 6 and took the first turn down a dirt road to a field, according to the warrant. After Patnode reportedly sexually assaulted the woman, he tried to run her over while she was laying in the field, police said. The victim told police she threw a Schaffer beer can in the grass to prove she was in the field.

Bantam Superior Court Judge Paul Matasavage set a $75,000 bond after Patnode plead not guilty to 3rd degree assault, 2nd degree unlawful restraint, and disorderly conduct.

"He does deny those allegations and denies any alleged threat made to the victim," Patnode's attorney Paul Summers said during the arraignment hearing.

More assault charges are expected after Western District Major Crime Squad complete their investigation in the field where the victim allegedly was raped and where Patnode tried to run over her with his car. Prior convictions include 3 DUI’s, patronizing a prostitute, 3rd degree burglary, and criminal trespass.

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