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Britain's "Night Stalker" sentenced to life for rapes of elderly

8:00AM GMT 26 Mar 20
The Telegraph [Britain]

Delroy Grant, 53, “terrified a whole community” for 17 years by committing hundreds of offences against pensioners including rape, sexual assault and burglary. Grant singled out his victims by looking for signs they were elderly and lived alone.

Dressed in black, wearing a mask or balaclava, with gloves on his hands, he would remove entire window panes, cut telephone lines and remove light bulbs before robbing and molesting his victims in the middle of the night. Yesterday, one of his victims, known only as Miss J for legal reasons, took the witness stand and faced her attacker.

At 5ft 1ins tall, with pure white hair and wire-rimmed spectacles, dressed in a white top and blue jacket, the 85-year-old stood as her police statement was read to the court.

"It is something that I shall never forget completely. It still feels so recent. I feel a huge amount of resentment and wonder how the suspect chose me. I often think to myself 'Why me?' or 'Why any of the other victims?'. I also feel a sense of indignation and anger as I feel that I had done everything reasonable to avoid this sort of thing happening. I have found that time is not a great healer. I don't think that it has got any easier over the last year. I certainly haven't got back my peace of mind."

She then added in person that she failed to understand why Grant had struck, before thanking the judge for the opportunity to speak.

The police operation to find Grant cost an estimated £7million and was the largest hunt for a serial rapist ever conducted in London. However, they had missed an opportunity to arrest him in 1999, which allowed him to strike again over 100 times more.

He was yesterday jailed for life, with a minimum of 27 years before he could be considered for parole.
Judge Peter Rook, sentencing, told Grant he remained a “very dangerous man capable of committing heinous crimes and causing incalculable harm” and warned him he was likely to die in jail.

The judge said: “You targeted elderly victims living alone. Your actions blighted the remaining precious years of their lives. Their homes, where many of them had lived for years, should have been their safest refuge where they could have expected to live their lives undisturbed and at peace. It is hard to imagine the extreme fear that the feel of your gloved hand and the sight of your masked figure looming above them must have been felt by your victims in their beds.”

He also placed Grant on the sex offenders' register for life.

Grant's defence counsel, Courtenay Griffiths QC, admitted that he could offer no mitigation for his client other than to point out that his age meant he would probably spend the rest of his life in jail.
Mr Griffiths added: "These offences were indeed perverse and disgusting and they were also uniquely revolting."

Before the former minicab driver left Woolwich Crown Court, in south London, the judge made these remarks. "Delroy Grant. Your utter depravity knows no bounds. The 18 victims of your offending were all elderly. In respect of nine of them, not only did you break into their homes in the middle of the night, that invasion being a highly traumatic experience for them in itself, but you then proceeded to subject them to humiliating and degrading sexual attacks.

Your offending spanned a period of 17 years. Five south London boroughs were affected by your offending. Over 17 years you have terrified a whole community. As your counsel accepted, thousands of people in south London have been living in fear that they might be your next victim.

It also led to an enormous drain on police resources as the years went by and you evaded arrest. Your offending led to the largest hunt for a serial rapist ever conducted in London.

This series of offences have multiple aggravating features. Your offending falls in a category of its own, way above anything envisaged in the definitive sentencing guidelines.

You targeted elderly victims living alone. Your actions blighted the remaining years of their lives. Their homes, where many of them had lived for years, should have been their safest refuge, where they could expect to live their lives undisturbed and at peace. You chose to invade their homes when they were in bed at night.

It is hard to imagine the extreme fear that the feel of your gloved hand and the sight of your masked figure looming above them must have been felt by your victims in their beds. Those who you raped or attempted to rape were all over 80. Many of your victims were in poor health.

Since in every case but one, your elderly victims lived on their own, I can only conclude that these offences were well-planned and you targeted victims. Singling out your victims must have involved considerable planning, as you chose the most vulnerable of people.

In the middle of the night, you would wake your victims who would be sleeping in their own beds by placing a gloved hand over their mouths to stop them screaming. You would shine your torch into their terrified eyes. You would search their homes and steal their money. I am not going to catalogue in detail the trail of distress, fear and misery you have left behind you.

There can be only one sentence and that is life imprisonment. I have no doubt that these offences are of such seriousness that a life sentence is appropriate to reflect the public abhorrence at your offending. You are a very dangerous man capable of committing heinous crimes and causing incalculable harm to people. It will be a matter for the Parole Board whether you ever be released. It may be that you will never be released.

Your offending is in a league of its own. I must look at the totality of your offending. I bear in mind that you are now 53. If this was a determinate sentence, a total sentence of 54 years would be appropriate. This means the minimum term will be one of 27 years, less the time you have spent in custody. I am told that is one year and 129 days. That makes the total minimum sentence 25 years, 236 days. I stress that is the minimum term you must serve.

It will follow automatically that you will be placed on the Sexual Offences Register for life.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

St. Paul weight trainer accused of sexual misconduct with 16 year old - stipulated facts trial leads to probation

(Original Post 12-4-09)
A 25 year old weight room supervisor at Cretin-Derham Hall in St. Paul, MN was charged with two counts of 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct for a sexual relationship with one of her 16 year old students which took place back in 2008. Gail E. Gagne is alleged to have engaged in sexual contact with the 16 year old several times, including at her Bloomington, MN home and at a hotel near the Mall Of America.

Hotel records and Gagne's credit card receipts show that on Sept. 13-14 of that year, she spent the night at LaQuinta Hotel on Nicollet Avenue south in Bloomington, the complaint said.
The principal at the private Catholic school told police that Gagne was hired in November 2007 as an assistant basketball coach. From January through September 2008, she was a substitute teacher. In the summer of 2008, she worked in the weight room, and in late September 2008, she was hired as a full-time teacher, the complaint said.

Gagne is not in custody because she is believed to be in Chicagoland. Hennepin County District Judge Ron Abrams issued an arrest warrant Tuesday, December 1. Her attorney, Earl Grey, said his client will plead not guilty. Third degree CSC is a 15 year felony in Minnesota.

(Update 12-13-09) Gagne turned herself in at the Hennepin county Jail 3:30 Thursday, December 10, but made her $50,000 bond four hours later, according to jail records. She appeared for her preliminary hearing before District Court Judge Thomas Sipkins Friday, December 11, where she was ordered to stay away from the alleged victim.

(Update 2-8-11) A "stipulated facts" trial heard by a judge only will decide the case of Gagne. He jury trial was supossed to have started yesterday, February 7, 2011. This means that the prosecution and defense attorney has gone to agreement on facts without having a formal plea agreement. Also like a plea agreement,  a count of 3rd degree CSC was dropped and a second count of 3rd degree CSC was reduced to 5th degree CSC, a gross misdemeanor.

Under the agreement, prosecutor Judith Hawley will prepare a statement of the facts in the case and she, Gail Gagne and Gagne's attorney, Earl Gray, will sign it and submit it to Judge Richard Scherer on Wednesday. A sentencing hearing is set for March 28 if she's convicted.

According to Professor Joseph Daly of Hamline University Law School, such a legal arrangement meant it was a near certainty that Gagne would be convicted during the bench trial.

(Update 3-29-11) Yesterday, Gagne was sentenced to a year in jail, suspended, and two years probation by Hennepin County District Judge Richard Scherer. Gagne did not speak, but her victim's mother did. The mother said that she had hoped to send her son to Cretin-Derham to "provide a safe, loving environment," but that Gagne had betrayed her trust and damaged her family's lives. "His family is left holding the dirty laundry of the defendant's unprofessional, self-serving actions."

After the hearing, both sides used the words "reasonable" and "appropriate" to describe the outcome. Then again, they had both agreed to what it would be last month when they filed a "stipulation" with the court laying out what the facts were.

"I thought it was a reasonable disposition of the case," defense lawyer Earl Gray said afterward. "Although I thought I could win it, you can also lose."

"I think we had an appropriate resolution to a very unhappy situation," said Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman. He said he believed the verdict and sentence would send a message to teachers, coaches and others with authority over youths that having sex with students has strong consequences. "Society doesn't permit it, and morality doesn't permit it," Freeman said.

Gagne has moved to California.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Former high school basketball star given 84 to 230 years in home invasion rapes

On March 10, 2011, a former basketball player was sentenced to 84-230 years imprisonment for two Philadelphia assaults. 25 year old Domenique Wilson was handed the term by Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Charles J. Cunningham III, who said he handed down the sentence to ensure "there is never a day when he is out."

Judge Cunningham continued, "This was not the case of someone who broke in an apartment and happened to find somebody there. You are a serial rapist, a serial criminal. You just got caught sooner rather than later." Wilson was convicted by a jury in November of rape, burglary, and robbery in the Philly attacks.

Wilson forced his way into an apartment on Oct. 22, 2008, on Clinton Street in Center City. He then raped and robbed a 25-year-old woman at knifepoint, and tied up, robbed, and assaulted her 29-year-old boyfriend.

Wilson was also found guilty of forcing his way into a Spruce Street apartment Dec. 19, 2008. The 24- and 22-year-old University of Pennsylvania female students testified that Wilson threatened them with a gun and knife, covered their eyes, mouths, and wrists with duct tape, and repeatedly raped one.

Both rape victims gave an impact statement, read in court. The first victim's statement said, "In one selfish, disgusting act, you destroyed every part of my life. You attacked me repeatedly in my own bedroom. I no longer have a safe place to call my own - not a single one. My fear is practically constant...With how heartless you seem to be, I don't know if you have the capacity to feel sorry for what you did. But I trust you'll have a long time ahead to think about it."

The Spruce Street victim said, "I want to say 'thank you' for all of the wonderful things I have been blessed with from this horrible act," including a closer relationship with the roommate who had to hear the rape, and a friendship with the other victims.

The Philadelphia sentence will be served consecutively to a Clinton County, PA sentence of 70 to 196 years for home invasion rapes at Lock Haven University in February 2009. Wilson attended school on a basketball scholarship before DNA evidence linked him to the college attacks in April 2009. Wilson was sentenced for those crimes in June.

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Border guard gets 2 years for making women strip for no reason

A Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) guard was sentenced to 2 years less a day in the British Columbia jail system followed by three years probation by forcing young women, three Americans and a Canadian, to strip under threat of detention or a criminal record. The victims were detained on pretence of drug charges. 35 year old Daniel Johnson Greenhalgh was sentenced by BC justice Fritz Verhoeven in a New Westminster, BC courtroom on March 4, 2011.

The incidents took place in the spring of 2007 at the Douglas Border Crossing in South Surrey (known as the Blaine or Peach Arch crossing to Americans). The gropings took place between April 12 and May 26 in various locations at the crossing. The first incident, on April 12, featured two Seattle young women who were trying to cross the border. Greenhalgh separated them, made both of them strip, but only groped one of them.

The victims were not admitted into Canada.  The next incident featured a Canadian woman who was returning from Seattle with her friend April 14. The last incident featured a young heterosexual couple detained at the border on May 26, 2007. The last incident lead to the charges Greenhalgh were convicted of. 

The couple were detained at the border for one hour and 20 minutes. During that time Greenhalgh allegedly grilled the young woman about whether she was smuggling drugs, and then suggested that she could either be detained overnight in a cell and strip-searched in the morning or strip-searched now. When she chose to be strip-searched immediately, she was told to walk to the back of the building.

Greenhalgh then allegedly took her to a men's bathroom in a park where he ordered her to take off all her clothes except her underwear. After patting her underwear and private parts, he touched her breasts. She got dressed and the couple was allowed into Canada.

Justice Frits Verhoeven said that while even a legitimate strip search can be humiliating, the disgraced border guard used "relentless lies, intimidation and threats" to coerce women who knew the searches were illegal, but "reluctantly surrendered." Greenhalgh's abuse of authority had not only tainted the reputation of the CBSA, but tainted the reputation of Canada itself. Justice Verhoeven said that crimes like Greenhalgh's "shock and appall nearly every Canadian."

As a border guard, Greenhalgh was entrusted with enormous power, which he "knowingly, flagrantly and repeatedly" abused with apparent indifference to the suffering of his victims, Verhoeven said. And yet, he noted, the former guard has shown no sign of remorse.

The judge noted that Greenhalgh refused to discuss the offences with a psychiatrist prior to sentencing. Outside court, defence lawyer Stephanie Vyas explained to reporters that Greenhalgh maintains he's innocent and will launch an appeal of his conviction. The psychiatrist found him a moderate risk to reoffend, unless he finds himself once again in a position of authority. In such circumstances, the psychiatrist said, he'd be a high risk.

Two of the victims submitted victim impact statements. One said that after the "insult to her dignity," she had become cynical about authority figure, and a second victim is now afraid to travel. Another victim impact statement was submitted by Greenhalgh's ex-wife, who he met on the job as a fellow border guard. The ex-wife said that the crimes were a "devastating" breach of trust not only to the profession, but to her and their children. Greenhalgh is currently living in his parents' basement after being fired from the CBSA, a construction job, and using up his unemployment benefits.

Crown prosecutor Winston Sayson said that the sentence was just, since Greenhalgh's conduct was "an affront to all Canadians. He broke his promise, his oath of office."

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prosecutor given 6 months in jail, SO treatment for assaulting drunk driving defendant

(Original Post 4-24-10)

A former Holland, MI city attorney was sentenced to 6 months in jail, a year of probation, and sex offender treatment for coercing a 21 year old woman into sex in exchange for letting her off on a traffic ticket. 31 year old Carl Gabrielse was formally sentenced Monday, April 19 to 3rd degree criminal sexual misconduct and misconduct in office by Ottawa County Circuit Court Judge Calvin Bosman. If he completes his probation successfully, Gabrielse can withdraw the 3rd degree CSC conviction and plead guilty to a reduced charge of gross indecency between a male and female, allowing him to escape the Michigan SO Registry.

The incident took place with a 21 year old Zeeland, MI woman in a jury bathroom last fall.

Gabrielse, contracted through Cunningham Dalman as a deputy city attorney, was accused of assaulting the woman at the Holland District Court in November. The victim later helped gather evidence so police could arrest Gabrielse.

The victim, who never entered the drunken-driving plea reached with Gabrielse, recently reached a different deal with prosecutors to plead down to impaired driving.

The judge scolded Gabrielse before accepting the plea. "I'm sure you know your biggest crime in this case is your violation of your oath to your wife, your oath to your profession and your oath to your employer. It's a costly violation."

So did the victim's aunt on a local forum.

Let me educate you all about a few things, since you weren't there and don't know all the facts. I was there as I am a relative of the victim. First of all.....she was RAPED! He admitted to RAPE. These things are on the record. She had no say in 'the deal' that was made. Her life is never going to be the same. First she gets RAPED by a member of the legal profession. Then she gets metaphorically RAPED by the judicial system.

Guess what the judge said upon sentencing? I haven't seen this reported so I assume the media is in on 'the fix'. The judge said in words similar to these that 'Mr Gabrielse, the people you hurt most in all of this is your profession and your wife and family' Really? Not one single mention about my niece and what she will have to go through because of a corrupt system. I won't go into all of the rest that happened because it all just makes me want to puke. This person, who I refuse to call a man, has gotten off virtually free. All the judicial system wants to happen here is for this to go away. I hope reasonable people can see what happened here.

A young woman commited a crime that she should have been punished for IN A COURT SESSION, not by being assaulted. Once again, Mr. Gabrielse admitted to RAPE and was caught on tape saying he'd like the next time to be 'more mutual'. This......piece of filth should have to suffer for the rest of his life. Instead....because he is a husband and father, and because he's remorseful, and because he's a deacon in his church, and because he hasn't done it before, (somehow I don't buy it), and because he has already been fired, the judicial system, including the prosecutors office I might add, thinks the deal that was made is appropriate. Unfreakenbelievable.

She was hung out to dry the moment she reported it. This is a fantastic precidence to set for victim's of RAPE and other types of abused. Say yes to Michigan? Maybe. But not to the Ottawa County judicial system. Sounds like something that would have happened 75 years ago in the deep south, not in modern America. So very sad.

Gabrielse's law license is currently on administrative suspension by the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission, an arm of the Michigan Supreme Court that handles attorney misconduct cases of all types. John Burgess, the attorney handling the expected discipline by his organization, said that the complex plea deal will complicate, but not derail the actions expected against Gabrielse's license.

  “It’s a unique situation in that he entered a plea but I understand that he may have the opportunity to withdraw it. That could be a bit more tricky” in deciding exactly when to begin disciplinary proceedings, he said. It’s certainly a serious matter and it’s going to be treated as such,” said Burgess.

(Update 3-12-11) Gabrielse finished his probation without any hitches, so he was able to withdraw his original CSC plea and plead to indecency between a male and a female under Judge Jon Hulsing Monday, March 7. The victim has filed a federal lawsuit against Gabrielse and the city of Holland. The defendants have agreed to settle with the plaintiff out of court, but details of the settlement are still being negotiated.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Suburban Buffalo man gets 25 to life in ambush, beheading of wife

A suburban Buffalo man was sentenced to 25 years to life yesterday in an Erie County, NY courtroom for the beheading murder of his wife. Mohammed "Mo" Hassan was sentenced to the maximum sentence, 25 years to life, for the murder of his wife Aasiya, in their Bridges TV studio in Orchard Park, NY on February 12, 2009. Hassan sneaked up on his wife, stabbed her 40 times, then cut off her head, according to prosecutors.

The murder was preceded by allegations of domestic violence. The jury took only an hour to reach their verdict on February 7, 2011.

The jury reached its verdict after 14 days of testimony and arguments spread over the course of three weeks in Erie County Court. The jury was clearly moved by the mountain of evidence and eyewitness testimony presented by Curtin Gable and fellow prosecutor Paul Bonanno depicting Hassan as a longtime spouse abuser who methodically planned the brutal, blood-soaked attack on his wife in the darkened hallway of their Bridges TV studio on Feb. 12, 2009.

Besides the 25 years to life sentence, Hassan  was also served with a no contact order placed by his eldest two children.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Suburban Philly doctor sentenced to a month imprisonment, five months house arrest for unwanted advances

Doctor sentenced in indecent assaults on patients

By Kathleen Brady Shea
[Philadelphia]Inquirer Staff Writer

Authorities said a doctor who practiced in Kennett Square and was known for treating Lyme disease had another specialty: making unwanted advances to female patients. Peter Fabulian, 63, of Strasburg, who pleaded guilty in December to two counts of indecent assault, was sentenced Tuesday [March 1, 2011] to one month in prison and five months of electronic home confinement, followed by two years of probation.

"I know I've hurt people; I never meant to hurt people," Fabulian told Chester County Judge David F. Bortner.

The judge said Fabulian should have recognized the consequences of his actions. "He never meant to hurt people. . . . That may be, but he certainly did - very deeply and very seriously," Bortner said. "A lesser sentence would depreciate the seriousness of the crimes."

Assistant District Attorney Andrea Cardamone, who sought a six-month jail term, said that after Fabulian was charged with assaulting two women, others came forward. She said that two were within the statute of limitations and that the District Attorney's Office agreed not to file additional charges in exchange for Fabulian's cooperation. She said the agreement also included a provision that the court would hear about the other two cases to show a pattern.

During a hearing that lasted nearly three hours, Cardamone presented two witnesses and read a letter from a third. The women are not being identified by The Inquirer because of the nature of the offenses. Both described Fabulian's sexual overtures as an excruciating breach of trust. The first woman said she had to wait a year and a half for charges to be filed after contacting police because authorities said another victim would bolster her case.

Bortner said Fabulian's sentence would reflect only the two victims in the criminal complaint. He also said he would leave Fabulian's future as a doctor in the hands of the state Board of Osteopathic Medicine. A hearing is scheduled later this month.

Contact staff writer Kathleen Brady Shea at 610-696-3815 or

Green card marriage leads to murder of wife, life without parole for husband

A Jamaican national who married a Florida woman to gain residency easier was sentenced to life without parole Wednesday, March 2, 2011. Orane Ferguson, 31 and a resident of Land O Lakes, FL, was convicted by a Pasco County jury of 1st degree murder for stabbing his wife, Lenora Michelle Ferguson, 50 times in the bathroom of their home. Ferguson was also convicted of aggravated battery for stabbing the murder victim's minor son, Gabriel Neal. Since prosecutors did not seek the death penalty,  Circuit Judge Michael Andrews could only sentence the defendant to life without parole.

The Kingston, Jamaica native testified that he was in Florida for a four month visa to attend his brother's funeral when he met the victim, who went by her middle name. The woman suggested that she would help Ferguson obtain permanent residency in the United States by marrying him, while he supported her and her son. According to defense attorney Assistant Public Defender Willie Pura, Ferguson was met with increasing demands by his wife, including sex and impregnation, and threatened to withdraw her immigration help if he did not comply. Things boiled over on July 20, 2008.

The Fergusons argued that Sunday morning before heading to church in Lakeland. A second argument broke out after they returned home that afternoon. This time it turned violent. Orane Ferguson grabbed knives and so did Neal, who heard his mother screaming and ran downstairs to help her.

Eventually, Michelle Ferguson ran into a bathroom. Her husband forced his way in and began stabbing her. Neal ran to the door with a knife and began trying to attack his stepfather. Orane Ferguson stabbed him in the mouth, chest and thumb. The boy collapsed but managed to run outside and get help. Orane Ferguson testified that he doesn't remember stabbing his wife.

In closing arguments, Pura said that the events of 2008 should be considered manslaughter, since"There is simply no evidence of premeditation." Assistant State Attorney Mike Halkitis "How long does it take to get some knives, chase her into the bathroom, knock down this door and stab her 50 times? Is that enough time for reflection? I submit that's more than enough time for reflection."

The victim's sister Lakeisha Robinson, said that she remembers Michelle as a loving and caring mother. "The only thing she did wrong was marry the wrong man."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Serial criminal sentenced to 88 years for rape, confinement of 78 year old woman

Friday, March 4, 2011

By Anna Rochelle, Staff Writer [Greene County [IN] Daily World]

The wheels of justice turned tough Friday [March 4, 2011]on Alex C. Callison, a Bloomfield man who entered several pleas of guilty in a case involving the rape and confinement of a 78-year-old woman in October. He's headed to the Indiana Department of Corrections for 88 years in prison. Even if he racks up good time credit, it would still be 44 years before his release. Callison was 28 years old when he was arrested on Oct. 31.

When Greene Superior Court Judge Dena Martin pronounced the sentence on each of four criminal counts, she ruled that the sentences will be served consecutively, or one after the other.

During a change of plea and sentencing hearing early Monday, Callison entered a plea of guilty to, and was sentenced to:

* Burglary, a class A felony, 47.5 years (the maximum allowed by law is 50 years)

* Rape, a class B felony, 19 years (maximum of 20 years)

* Criminal deviate conduct, a class B felony, 19 years (maximum of 20 years)

* Intimidation, a class D felony, 2.5 years (maximum of 3 years)

Callison was represented in court by Attorney James Riester, serving as a public defender. The State's case was argued by Greene County Deputy Prosecutor Keven McIntosh.

The case initially filed against Callison included five other criminal counts which were dismissed under the terms of a negotiated plea agreement. The agreement left sentencing up to the discretion of the judge.

After the hearing, McIntosh said the Prosecutor's Office was pleased with the sentences. "He got roughly what he would have gotten had this case gone to trial and if he had been found guilty by a jury," said McIntosh noting that under Indiana's sentencing guidelines, some of the charges would have been merged for sentencing purposes.

"I'm happy with the outcome and I think the victim's family is happy with the outcome," said McIntosh.

The defense did not share that satisfaction and requested that a state public defender be appointed to represent Callison in an appeal of the sentence. Since Callison plead guilty, by law he cannot appeal the conviction, but he can appeal the sentence.

McIntosh said the victim did not ever want to see the defendant again and she didn't want to have to go through a trial. But she told him if it became necessary, she would testify. The victim did not attend the sentencing hearing, but was represented by four members of her family who all took the stand: Three daughters and one granddaughter.

 "They did a tremendous job conveying to the judge how this has affected their mother and grandmother and their entire family," said McIntosh. "They should be commended for their heartfelt testimony."

Callison was accused of breaking into a home where the elderly victim lived alone. She thought she heard a knock on her door at 3:30 a.m. but chose not to answer it due to the time of night. Moments later Callison broke in and made his way into her bedroom.

Callison stayed in the home until the next afternoon. During that time, the victim was attacked again and again, forced to make breakfast for the man and she was threatened with knives out of her own kitchen.

She was able to give police a description and later identified Callison in a photo lineup. Crime scene technicians seized numerous items of evidence including the knives, Coke cans he drank from and other materials with DNA evidence and/or fingerprints.

When the victim was first interviewed, a detective said she was "visibly shaken" and became physically ill. During the hearing, two interviews were replayed, one with the victim and one with Callison.

Callison's criminal history was also brought out -- he had one previous conviction on his record, a class C felony burglary involving a break-in at a barber shop in Daviess County. Callison was on parole for that conviction when the current crime was committed.

McIntosh said he thought the defendant did seem sorry for what had happened but that didn't make up for what he did to the victim.

"I do not think that Callison is just a predator. I think this incident was fueled by drugs and alcohol," said McIntosh. "Appearances can be deceiving, but in court, he seemed remorseful. And by admitting guilt, he did save us going through a trial."

When asked about the victim's recovery, McIntosh said this had been a very difficult experience for her. "Since this happened, she's no longer able to stay by herself -- this changed her life greatly," said McIntosh. "She's tough, but this has affected her deeply. I hope she will overcome this, I think she will overcome this. I know she's a resilient lady."

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Wife gets life without parole for at least 20 years for son's murder of husband

A woman who conspired along with her 20 year old son to kill the woman's husband was sentenced to life without parole for at least 20 years in a Topeka, KS courtroom Thursday, February 17.

44 year old Michelle Eberhardt was convicted of felony 1st degree murder for the murder by her son of 51-year-old Gerald “Jerry” Eberhardt. Judge Debenham said to the perpetrator, "You have violated the trust between a husband and a wife.[The family's] pain and suffering won't end today. It will continue for the rest of their lives." The shooting death rook place on October 25, 2009. Michelle's plea to felony 1st degree murder spared her a trial on premeditated first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and solicitation to commit murder.

Scott M. Mosher, 20, the alleged triggerman in his stepfather's murder, is scheduled to go on trial June 13 for premeditated first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit premeditated first-degree murder

According to facts presented in Eberhardt's plea, Michelle Eberhardt and Mosher had talked about killing her husband, a used car dealer in Topeka. Mosher said he knew someone who would kill Jerry Eberhardt for $2,000. Michelle paid the money, but Jerry Eberhardt wasn't shot. She negotiated with the man who had taken the $2,000, but the man wanted more money and a car from the lot.

Mosher told Michelle he had a pistol and would take care of the slaying. Michelle Eberhardt said the house at 2538 S.E. Shawnee Heights Road would be empty Oct. 25, 2009, after 12:30 a.m., and at 1:30 a.m., she heard a gunshot. When she found her husband, he was sitting up in bed in the master bedroom of the family home.

A third defendant, Derrick Dwayne Haase, now 21, of Topeka, pleaded no contest April 26 to a reduced charge of reckless second-degree murder. On July 22, Haase was sentenced to 10 years and 11 months in prison.

The victim's father, Duane Eberhardt, said that the Eberhardts tried to welcome Michelle and her two children, but that she was "unberable" and a "rat." Like good parents do, Duane tried to convince his son to divorce her, but Jerry claimed to still be in "love" with her. "Dad, I know you're right, but I love her," Jerry told his dad. "You’ve stolen part of my future. The father said he intended to live long enough "to urinate on you and your son's graves because neither one of you will survive your prison sentences."

The victim's mother Mary said that her son would protect his wife after Mosher would beat her when she refused to give him money for drugs. However, she repaid that concern with betrayal when after the murder, Michelle told Shawnee County deputies her husband was responsible for his murder. “Why? Why did you do it? Jerry loved you. We loved your family. Why did you betray us...“You killed Jerry. Scott just pulled the trigger. What mother would encourage her son to kill? You threw your son under the bus.”

At least one Topeka Capital-Journal commenter said that Jerry should have listened to his father instead of his heart regarding Michelle.

pleasurestud said,

Too bad the guy stayed with that wicked woman. He should have listened to his family to dump her sorry ass. In the end he loses his wife over "love"............whatever. It wasn't love.

Northwest Houston serial rapist sentenced to life with parole possibility in 30 years

March 4, 2011, 5:18AM

A Houston man charged with five rapes and a murder in the Acres Homes neighborhood received a life sentence with the possibility of parole on Thursday. The same jury found LaMarques Devon McWilliams, 35, guilty last Friday of one aggravated sexual assault — a first-degree felony. The other rape charges were dismissed. He will be eligible for parole after serving 30 years in prison, according to his lawyer, Jacquelyn Carpenter.

McWilliams is accused of raping a woman who has pleaded guilty to prostitution three times in Harris County in the past two years, according to public records. The woman, who is not being named by the Houston Chronicle, testified during the guilt-innocence part of the trial.

After McWilliams was convicted on the single aggravated sexual assault charge, the prosecution presented DNA evidence that linked him to several other women, who testified during the penalty phase of the trial that they were raped by McWilliams.

McWilliams was arrested in August 2009 on two counts of aggravated sexual assault. A month later, he was charged with three more rapes and the death of Pamela Ann Goss, whose body was found in the Acres Homes area in 2006. McWilliams still faces a murder charge.

Carpenter said most of the women who testified this week worked as prostitutes.

"DNA shows evidence of sexual activity but it doesn't necessarily mean that the sexual activity was rape," the defense lawyer said. "If there were any sex, I believe it was consensual."

McWilliams did not testify, but has maintained his innocence. His lawyers have filed a notice of appeal.

Carpenter contends that her client was identified by police for political expediency as a way to calm fears about a rash of rapes and killings.

"They've been looking for someone for years," she said. "This was about showing the black community that we care that something is happening in (Acres Homes)."

A prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney's Office could not be reached for comment.

Acres Homes residents and local activists became alarmed by the possibility of a serial killer or serial rapist in the northwest Harris County community after several bodies were found along roadsides, ditches and empty lots beginning in 2006. During the same time, there were dozens of sexual assault reports in the area. The investigation became one of the largest in the history of the Houston Police Department, which formed a special task force and devoted what was described as unprecedented resources to chase leads.

That probe resulted in multiple arrests, but charges were filed against McWilliams and Bilford Dwight Junious, 40, who was accused of nine sexual assaults in Acres Homes over seven years. He was convicted on one rape charge in 2009 and sentenced to 40 years in prison. The other charges were dismissed.

Husband gets 10 years in university dean's slaying

On Monday, February 28, 61 year old William Murray Wiggins received 10 years for the 1st degree manslaughter of his wife, an assistant dean of the University of Oregon College of Education. The dean, 62 year old Andrea Nicholson Wiggins, was found strangled in a bathtub at her Springfield, OR home March 5, 2010. The perpetrator pled guilty to 1st degree manslaughter because prosecutors were uncertain that they could prove 2nd degree murder. Lane Circuit Judge Charles Carlson presided over the plea deal and sentencing.

William Wiggins initially reported his wife’s death as an accidental drowning. He might have succeeded at the ruse had Andrea Wiggins not left injuries on her husband’s body as she fought for her life, Springfield police Sgt. David Lewis said after the brief sentencing hearing.

Lewis credited Springfield police Detective Larry Turner with asking to see and then photographing scratch marks and “a severe bite mark” on William Wiggins’ chest after responding to a 911 report of “an elderly female found dead in a hot tub.”

Strangulation bruises were “not obvious” on Andrea Wiggins’ neck, Lewis said — perhaps because her body remained in the hot tub after her death.

William Wiggins claimed he killed his wife "while under the influence of extreme emotional disturbance,” but Springfield police indicated that the lack of financial contribution on his part to the marriage lead to the argument which lead to the slaying.

At the time of Andrea Wiggins’ death, William Wiggins had an inactive real estate broker’s license and she was the primary breadwinner. Her professional accomplishments included raising $30 million in private donations for a new College of Education building that opened in 2009.

According to the victim's son Alexander Vollmer, "she told us that Bill had no savings or money of his own and that she would have to earn enough for them both.” The victim's father said “I believe Andrea had had about enough and Wiggins was aware he was about to lose his meal ticket.

Before the sentence was passed, William said “Andrea was the love of my life and I’ll never forget her. I took away a daughter and a mother and a grandmother from her family. I cannot ask for their forgiveness. I can only hope for their understanding some day.”

Lane County Deputy District Attorney Bob Lane said the victim's family accepted the plea agreement because the perpetrator has reliquenched “all claims to property belonging to the victim, the victim’s estate, and to any proceeds of any life insurance policies. They wanted to make sure that he didn’t benefit from her death.”

Laura Fine, William Wiggins's attorney, said that the strangling of his wife was an anomoly in their 13 year marriage. "All reports indicate that this was a very loving couple with no history of domestic violence.” Her client's actions, she explained, was “the documented side effect of explosive rage caused by one of his prescription medications.”

Vollmer gave a victim impact statement saying that “It’s unbearable to think about how terrified my mother must have been in the last moments of her life,” As his rock, "Every day I miss her sound advice, her wacky sense of humor, her delight in retelling family stories, and even her constant worrying. Her absence has left a gaping hole in our lives.”

The son is still “shock and terrible distress at the nature of my mom’s death and Bill’s role in it," with the worst part being “having to explain to my 7-year-old daughter how her nanny had died.”

The victim's father Jack Nicholson wrote Judge Carlson explaining that his former son-in-law was
“a cruel, callous and calculating killer” and a “deadbeat,” in contrast to his daughter, who "was a precious and special person” who “worked all her life trying to make things better.”

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vancouver BC father of four sentenced to 10 years for murder of wife

By Keith Fraser, The Province

A judge has sentenced a Vancouver father of four to 10 years in prison for strangling his wife to death. But after double-time credit for pre-sentence custody, Orlando Carderas Mangaoang, 49, will serve two and a half years in prison for the May 2007 slaying of his wife, Editha, 41.

Court heard that the marriage became tumultuous after Editha, a nanny, came to Canada from the Philippines and sponsored her husband and their kids to follow her to Canada. They argued over money and Mangaoang’s perception that his wife was unfaithful to him. He became obsessive, following her and phoning her repeatedly.

Then one night following an argument, he struck her over the head with a metal object, fracturing her skull.
He spent up to 30 minutes strangling her with his hands, then cut up her panties in a search for semen before placing her half naked body in a cardboard box. The following day he drove to a remote location in Richmond and dumped the body.

Mangaoang lied to his children and to the police about his wife’s whereabouts and a massive search was launched, in which he participated. At one point his oldest son was placed under suspicion and took a polygraph. Three weeks later Editha’s body was found and Mangaoang was arrested. He confessed to the killing and was charged with second -degree murder.

But in January the accused pleaded guilty to the lesser and included offence of manslaughter. In sentencing him on Wednesday, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Bill Smart said that what precipatated the killing was not clear but that all of Mangaoang’s anger, frustration and contempt for his wife exploded in a rage.

The judge said Mangaoang’s conduct after the killing was almost as “disturbing and shocking” as the slaying itself. Smart noted that the Crown was satisfied that in his rage, Mangaoang did not have sufficient intent for murder. He said he was satisfied that the accused had shown “great remorse,” was otherwise a law abiding citizen and was determined to devote his life to helping his children.

He said the four children were the other victims of the crime.“They lost a mother and their relationship with their father has changed forever.” The judge quoted from letters written by the three sons of the couple. One of the sons wrote that they miss their father a lot and “would hate to see him grow old” in prison. “We would like to continue to have him be part of our lives because he’s the only one we’ve got. The past is the past and we cannot change it but we can alter the future.”

Another son wrote that his father was a changed man and that he had grown close to him. “I know that what he did was unacceptable and unthinkable. The past is the past... He confessed and apologized for what happened and I forgive him. I’m asking for the court to show mercy to my father.”

Outside court, Carmen Garcia, Editha’s aunt, said she respected the court’s decision but added she would have liked to have seen a stronger sentence. Garcia, who sponsored Editha to come to Canada, recalled her niece fondly.

“My niece was a caring, loving mother. She cared for her children. She was always very caring to all of us.”
Double-time credit was granted because the offence happened before the law changed to disallow the sentencing provison.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Semen squirting sicko sentenced to probation

A suburban DC man was sentenced to probation Thursday, February 24 for squirting semen onto 5 female shoppers. The gooey attacks took place between November 2009 and July 2010. Montgomery County District Court Judge Stephen P. Johnson sentenced 28 year old Michael Wayne Edwards Jr. to counseling and regular status hearings, but not sex offender registration. The perp plead guilty in November 2010 to 2 counts of 2nd degree assault and the three years probation are for those counts running concurrently.

Officers from the Gaithersburg Police Department arrested Edwards July 29 after investigation showed that he had followed a woman out of the Giant Food grocery store at 842 Muddy Branch Road on July 15 and sprayed human semen on her back from a small plastic bottle, police said.

He was freed on $4,000 bail until Montgomery County Police arrested him again Aug. 2 and charged him with spraying semen on another woman in November 2009 at the Michaels craft store in the Kentlands neighborhood of Gaithersburg.

He was charged with three additional assaults after police found video recordings on his cell phone of similar attacks on unknown women, but those charges were not prosecuted. Two of the attacks filmed on the cell phone occurred July 2 as women were leaving the Muddy Branch Giant, police said. Edwards sprayed one woman at about 8 a.m. and another at about 8:20 a.m., according to police charging documents. On July 8, he went back to the store and sprayed a woman as she left at about 3:15 p.m. Those victims did not come forward.

Defense attorney Barry Helfand said those attacks were not prosecuted because egg white and vinegar mix, not semen, was squirted during those incidents.

Prosecutor Amy Bills recommended 1 1/2 years imprisonment, but said she thought the judge's decision was fair. Judge Johnson cited to lack of previous criminal history and his feeling that incarceration would not give Edwards any more insight into his crimes than intensive supervised probation.  The judge prohibited Edwards from going to the neighborhoods or the supermarket chains where the semen soakings occurred.

To the victim at the Michael's store, Edwards said, "I apologize to all for my actions. I've had a lot of time to think about this and reflect on this." After the sentencing, he said, "I'm ashamed. It's a shameful act. I'm very apologetic and it won't happen again."

"Monster" sentenced to 18 years, 8 months for attemped stabbing murder of wife

A man who stabbed his wife 63 times in front of their two children was sentenced to 18 2/3 years of imprisonment yesterday, February 28, 2011. 29 year old Brian Rolstad plead guilty to single counts of attempted murder causing great bodily injury, felony spousal abuse and two counts of felony child endangerment. The attack on his wife, Rachel, happened last spring at their Chula Vista, CA home. At sentencing yesterday, Rachel described as she drifted in and out of consciousness and saw fear on her sons' faces as their father attacked their mother.

The assault at the home in the 1300 block of Granite Springs Drive was reported shortly before 8 p.m. last June 14, according to Chula Vista police. A motive was not disclosed.

Officers arrived to find the assailant gone and the victim suffering from multiple stab wounds, most of them to her upper body. Rolstad was found about 7 the next morning, sitting in his car near Chula Vista Police Department headquarters.

"The torture was excruciating, horrifying and ruthless. I could feel each stab as it entered into and out of my body. He stabbed me over and over and all I could do is curl up in a fetal position to protect my heart while begging and hoping he would stop...You only care about yourself. Look how you washed yourself, changed your clothes and made sure you were nice and clean but left our kids crying, with blood smeared on their poor little faces, traumatized… while you left to go hide...When I see you, I see a monster."

To Superior Court Judge Esteban Hernandez, Rachel said that  "Brian Rolstad is a cold-hearted, senseless human being… I see an angry man with no remorse… a vicious criminal who I believe will take revenge after his release. If he tried to kill me once, who's to say he won't try it again...He's not crazy but I'm afraid he will come back to get me when he’s released."

The perpetrator was ordered to get mental health treatment while incarcerated, something that may take place at one of California's state hospitals.