Friday, February 25, 2011

Milwaukee's North Side Strangler sentenced to life

Milwaukee's North Side Strangler was sentenced to seven consecutive life terms yesterday, February 24, 2011 in Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Dennis Cimpl's courtroom. Walter E. Ellis was sentenced for seven counts of 1st degree intentional homicide for the strangulation murders of seven women, must of them prostitutes. More about these crimes can be found here and here.

More than 30 friends and relatives of his many victims filled the gallery Thursday. Nine made formal statements to Cimpl, ranging from vengeful to forgiving.Tina Lewis, mother of Ouithreaun Stokes, Ellis' last known victim, asked, "What went wrong in his life that would make him kill these women?" She said she wished Wisconsin had the death penalty and hoped Ellis would wind up murdered in prison like infamous Milwaukee serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Zola Farrior, sister of Sheila Farrior, who was killed in 1995, called Ellis "nothing but the devil. He didn't only kill my sister, he killed my mother - she died of heartbreak after that," Farrior said.

Dominika Walton's mother, Irene Smith, was stabbed and strangled in 1992. She tearfully said she was not happy with Ellis pleading no contest, that he was still trying to avoid responsibility. "He is a straight coward," she said.

Patricia Donald spoke about her friend Deborah Harris, Ellis' first known victim, who was killed Oct. 10, 1986, whom she called a generous, loving person who had moved to the city for a better life. She said she had forgiven Ellis because she will not let him prevent her from enjoying closure.

"We're going to all be all right," Donald said. "You don't win. You don't get to destroy lives anymore."

Ellis did not speak, and his attorney, Patrick Earle, said that he would not make any statements on his client's behalf.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Former MA state senator admits to groping women, will serve 3 months jail, 5 years probation

(Original Post 6-6-08)
Senator is admitted to psych hospital Marzilli is seeking treatment after arrest


BOSTON— A state senator arrested this week on charges of attempting to grope one woman and making lewd comments to a second was admitted to a psychiatric hospital yesterday. State Sen. James J. Marzilli entered the hospital hours after saying he would not seek re-election in the fall. The decision came a day after he was arraigned in Lowell District Court on multiple charges related to the arrest. Marzilli’s lawyer confirmed that he was seeking treatment.

“Senator Marzilli was admitted into a local hospital for treatment for an undisclosed illness this afternoon,” said Marzilli’s lawyer, Terrence Kennedy. A source close to Marzilli said on condition of anonymity that Marzilli was seeking treatment at McLean Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Belmont.

Marzilli, 50, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges he tried to grab a woman sexually at a park in Lowell, then fled police, and to charges he made lewd remarks to another woman. Charges against him include disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault and battery and obstruction of justice. Marzilli is free on bail and due back in court July 3.

A spokesman for the Middlesex district attorney’s office said investigators were looking into other incidents possibly involving Marzilli, including one last year in Arlington and another in Boston’s Brighton neighborhood two years ago. Investigators also were looking into whether Marzilli was involved in other incidents in Lowell before his arrest.

Last month, Middlesex District Attorney Gerald T. Leone Jr. declined to charge Marzilli after a woman claimed he had touched her inappropriately in April, saying there was insufficient evidence.

Marzilli was arrested Tuesday after a woman told police he approached her while she was sitting on a park bench and tried to grab her crotch. A second woman called authorities after seeing media coverage of Marzilli’s arrest and said Marzilli made lewd comments to her. Kennedy said his client “totally denies” the charges.

(Update 2-23-11) Marzilli was sentenced to three months in jail and probation by Judge Paul Chernoff at Lowell Superior Court yesterday. Marzilli will serve his sentence at the Billerica House of Correction. For the first year of his probation, Marzilli will serve his first year under GPS monitoring and must do 200 hours of community service. A charge of attempted indecent assault and battery was stayed for a year, meaning that if the GPS monitoring goes without any hitches, Marzilli won't have to register as a sex offender.

In the city [of Lowell, MA]on June 3, 2008, for a function at Federal Fabrics-Fibers, Marzilli approached the women both on foot and in a car over the course of four hours, making lewd remarks about their bodies. They, in return, called him a pervert and told him to spend $20 on a hooker.

Middlesex District Attorney Elizabeth Dunigan said that some of the victims are afraid to go to Lowell, MA and that “At the time of his arrest, he was focused on himself, his career, his future. Maybe in time it can be a little bit about what these women lost on the streets of Lowell."

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Houston man held without bond for sexually mutilating wife

A career criminal was charged with the torture of his 33 year old "wife" and held without bond. Gregory Longoria Jr, 39, was charged with aggravated assault of a family member for holding his estranged wife against her will and torturing her between noon Wednesday, February 16 and 7 AM February 17. 

The 33 year old victim left Longoria and moved back to her parents' house along with her four children to escape the abusive relationship and allegations of cheating. Wednesday, Longoria went to the victim's parnets' house and threatened her with violence if she did not bring the one year old girl she had with him. She left with him and went back to Longoria's apartment.

The victim told investigators Longoria threatened to kill her elderly, disabled parents if she didn’t comply with his demands.The victim said once they arrived at Longoria’s apartment, he told her to undress and took sexually explicit and obscene photos of her.

When he was finished with the camera, the victim told investigators Longoria tied her to the bed and beat her. She said he then used a can of hairspray and a lighter to burn her nipples and vagina. After he burned her, the victim said he ripped one of her nipples off her body.

The victim said Longoria also choked her with a belt and smothered her with a pillow, causing her to lose consciousness. Longoria kept her there from noon Wednesday until 7 a.m. Thursday, deputies said. He then dropped her and the baby off at her parents’ house.

Longoria let her go after she convinced him that she had to go to a job interview that Thursday and that they needed the money. Longoria told her to take a shower and dropped her off at her parents house. Longoria took his daughter and drove around Houston until he was stopped Thursday evening. The victim was driven to Kingwood Medical Center.

Investigators observed burns to the woman's body consistent with her description of what happened. A doctor at Kingwood Medical Center told investigators that the woman will require reconstructive surgery and will suffer permanent disfigurement as a result of the attack, court records show.

During a press conference, Longoria was likened to a mad dog by Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia. "There are rabid dogs in our society — animals. These dogs that think they can get away with dehumanizing any person, but in particular women, will be dealt with. We are proving today that we will hunt those dogs down and put them in their kennels and try to show them the same dignity that they failed to show for a fellow human being...God help me if such an animal were ever to introduce himself to my family."

While the baby was physically unharmed, Lt. Ruben Diaz of the Houston sex crimes unit said "He had the baby asleep on the couch in the next room, probably listening to her own mother's screams for help." After Longoria's arrest Thursday afternoon, Diaz said  "He didn’t even care that we picked him up. When we picked him up, he had a curt attitude. He had a smirk on his face like he didn’t care." The reason the situation lasted so long was because "She was protecting her family more so even than herself - she was tolerating the abuse."

The victim's mother told reporters "At times, I saw her she would just look teary-eyed. I would advise couples not to be quiet but be up front because that’s how a lot of women die."

The emergency protective order prohibits all contact with his victim, including indirect contact or showing up at her workplace. The same no contact conditions were imposed regarding the victim's four children and her parents. Prosecutor Donna Hawkins with the Harris County District Attorney's Office said the order "precludes the defendant from having any contact with the complainant in this case, not going by her residence and not attending her work place either." 

Longoria is charged with a first degree felony "because of three elements: he assaulted a member of his family causing serious bodily injury and utilizing a deadly weapon, which in this case is fire," according to Hawkins.

According to a family member, the victim, who was released from Kingwood Medical Center Monday,  is actually comforting her family members. "We have all been crying, when we come up to her, she just looks at us and says, ‘why are you crying? I am fine, I am strong, if I’m not crying you should not be crying...She is very hopeful about the future. She trusts a lot in God...She's not going to let this person take her down - she's way stronger than that."
Longoria has a history of arrests in Harris County dating back to 1989, including convictions for shooting two men, court files show.

In 2005, Longoria was charged with misdemeanor assault of a family member after he was accused of choking another woman identified as his wife with his hands, court records show. A court issued an emergency protection order, and Longoria pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 160 days in jail.

In 1992, he pleaded guilty to an attempted murder, two charges of aggravated assault and felony theft. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison on the aggravated assault and theft convictions and granted 10 years probation and deferred adjudication for the attempted murder conviction, court records show.

In September 1991, when Longoria was 20 years old, Bellaire police arrested him for shooting a 21-year-old man four times. Longoria was a passenger in a moving vehicle when he fired the shots, court records show. That man survived, and the incident led to Longoria's conviction for attempted murder.

A month later, Longoria was arrested again, this time for shooting a 20-year-old community college student. That victim also survived.

Longoria has not been formally arraigned yet because arraignment requires a public defender. Numerous public defenders have refused to take him on as a client due to the nature of the charges and allegetions against him. A lawyer is scheduled to be appointed later today.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quebec man sentenced to 25 to life for luring woman he met online to death

A Quebec City man has been found guilty of first-degree murder in the slaying of a woman he met over the Internet and whose body has never been found. An emotionless Alain Perreault, 48, was sentenced Friday [February 11, 2011]morning to life in prison without possibility for parole for 25 years for the death of Lyne Massicotte.

A jury came back with the guilty verdict after three days of deliberation. Perreault met Massicotte in a chat room on the Internet and arranged a date in Quebec City in July 2003. Massicotte, a single mother, travelled there from her home in Chambly, Que., and vanished after the encounter.

Despite numerous searches, Massicotte's body was never found. The jury heard that Perreault admitted on video during a police sting operation he had killed Massicotte.The operation involved a fictitious criminal organization with an undercover officer posing as a crime boss.

During his trial, Perreault denied any involvement in Massicotte's slaying.

Former British soldier sentenced to 16 to life for bombing of wife's car

A former British soldier was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for at least 16 years at Maidstone crown court Friday, February 18. 33 year old Nicholas Fabian of Vigo, Kent, England was convicted for planting a hand grenade underneath his wife Victoria's car. The hand grenade was stolen from training exercises and was rigged to go off when the victim reversed out of her driveway on March 5, 2010.

The victim suffered burns and shrapnel injuries, and was six months pregnant with her attacker's son, named Freddie. During the attack, Fabian, driving in another car with his four year old son Harry ripped off his shirt to use as a tourniquet. Police suspected Fabian from the beginning, but charges were not filed until they found the green and yellow paint that was found on the grenade and the fishing line used to booby trap the car. Fabian's official charges were attempted murder and causing an explosion with intent to endanger life.

Andrew Patience, QC castigated Fabian before formally pronouncing sentence. "What you did in causing that explosion, with the consequences which flowed from it on March 5 last year, was wicked beyond belief. You conceived a plan to rid yourself of your wife which demonstrated low cunning in its planning and preparation, and utter heartlessness and chilling ruthlessness in its execution...You are an evil man who was prepared to destroy at least one human life in order to achieve your own selfish ends. Not only are you evil but you present a danger to the general public."

Patience said that "your wife was not to know, even when you were sat together on March 4, that the plans for your life together meant nothing to you and you were practising upon her the cruelest of deceptions."

The motive behind the attack was for Fabian to rid himself of his wife and make a life with his mistress Jackie Phillips. The 33 year old Phillips told authorities Fabian promised to leave his wife for her, but Fabian himself said that he felt "lust, infatuation and obsession," but not love for Phillips. Phillips was not the only person who Fabian has had dalliances with.

Since his conviction [Thursday, February 17], it has since been revealed that as well as cheating on his wife, attempted killer Fabian had previously worked as a £50-a-time male prostitute and even starred in a gay porn movie while still a soldier in Aldershot.

Known as ‘Squaddie Nick’, he catered to the sexual needs of older men with an Army uniform fetish. One man, who had a relationship with Fabian after meeting him on a train, said: 'He came on to me strongly and we had sex in the train toilet. 'I dropped him off at his married Army quarters afterwards in my car but that night he was knocking on my door again. He was having affairs with a string of women and wanted gay sex too,' he told The Sun.

At the time [in 2004]he was living with a former partner, Louise Sands, the mother of two of his children. When asked after the trial whether she was aware of her ex’s secret double life, Miss Sands, 30, said: ‘What? Nick? Gay? My head is fried.’

He had spent ten years in The Princess of Wales Royal Regiment and during his time with them he was investigated for ‘misconduct issues’ which saw him demoted from lance corporal to private. He was also alleged to have stolen from his fellow soldiers.

After leaving the Army in 2004 he had found it difficult to adjust to civilian life and claimed he was happy when he was called up to serve as he missed ‘the thrill of being a soldier’, the court heard.

On the day of the attack in March last year Mrs Fabian had planned to take Charlie and Harry, her four-year-old son with Fabian, to get a haircut.

Afterwards all four were due to have a family meal at a Harvester restaurant.

Alastair Dickson from the Kent Crown Prosecution Service, said the affair with Phillips was not the only motive behing the attack on his wife. "Clearly not everyone who has affairs goes on to attempt to kill his wife in such a way...It has something to do with the fact that he was a fantasist and an attention-seeker but I don’t think anyone will ever know the true motive in addition to the Jackie Phillips motive behind this offence."

Dickson praised the victim for facing her attacker in open court instead of from behind a screen. "Victoria Fabian, throughout this terrible ordeal, has shown an enormous degree of bravery and strength. That's reflected in the way she gave her evidence to the court. She was brave enough to make the decision that she didn't want to give evidence from behind a screen, which was available to her. What she wanted to do was face Nicholas Fabian in court and for him to see exactly what he had done to her, and that shows remarkable bravery."

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Predatory massage therapist sentenced to 11 years in prison

A Minneapolis massage therapist was ordered to serve 11 years imprisonment and be registered as a predatory sex offender on Valentines Day 2011. Lawrence Martin Valencour, 62, was convicted back in November of four counts of 4th degree criminal sexual conduct at a week long trial presided over by District Judge Thomas Poch. The assaults happened at Apple Valley, MN's A Touch Of Tranquility massage parlor, which has shut down.

In 2008, three women reported to Apple Valley police that Valencour had touched their breasts and genitals and put his genitals in their hands during massages, according to a criminal complaint. Police located three more victims through the business's owner.

The owner, who hired Valencour, base the hiring on the recommendation of a massage school she trusted. The misplaced trust cost her her business and those women their dignity.

Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom, the prosecutor, said, "We're pleased with the lengthy prison term that was handed down today in this case. These types of crimes are extremely traumatic to the victims, whose privacy is directly invaded in a very disturbing way." Backstrom said the 11 years for the 4th degree CSC counts were the maximum prison sentence that could be handed down.

Man convicted of bathtub drowning murder of wife

Associated Press
LEBANON (OH): A man found guilty of murder in his third trial over his wife's bathtub drowning buried his face in his hands as he heard the verdict Tuesday and continued to maintain his innocence, telling the judge he loved his wife and ''would never have hurt her.''

A Warren County jury deliberated about 12 hours over two days before convicting Ryan Widmer, who was in tears as the verdict was read. Judge Neal Bronson sentenced him to 15 years to life in prison. ''Judge, I did not do this,'' Widmer said, breathing heavily. ''I don't know why this has to keep going on. I mean, my life has been ruined.''

It was the second time Widmer was found guilty. The verdict from his first trial was thrown out over juror misconduct, and his second trial ended in a hung jury. Defense attorneys didn't comment on appeal plans or return an after-hours call seeking comment.

The couple had been married for about six months when she died. Ryan Widmer told a 911 dispatcher that his wife had fallen asleep in the bathtub.

Prosecutors in this trial for the first time had asked jurors to consider the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter. The judge had instructed jurors that a murder conviction meant they believed Widmer purposely killed his 24-year-old wife, Sarah, in 2008. Involuntary manslaughter would mean they agreed that he assaulted his wife and caused her death but didn't mean to kill her.

Prosecutors had argued that bruises on his wife's neck supported their contention that Widmer killed his wife at their Hamilton Township home by grabbing her and forcing her head underwater.

The defense attributed the bruising to rescue workers' efforts to revive her and said she may have suffered a medical problem before drowning. Defense attorney Jay Clark said investigators made mistakes, took shortcuts and made assumptions, and he suggested that the death of an elderly woman in a bathtub under similar circumstances wouldn't have resulted in charges.

The trial featured a new prosecution witness, who testified that Ryan Widmer confessed to her in a phone call. Jennifer Crew, 36, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, testified that Widmer told her on Oct. 26, 2009, that he killed his wife after she said she was going to leave him. Crew said Widmer was crying and so upset he could barely talk.

Crew said she had never met Widmer in person but sent him e-mail and text messages because she thought he was innocent after she saw a Dateline NBC episode about the case that aired after Widmer's first trial.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Man gets 25-50 years for shooting "girlfriend" to death

A “boyfriend” who shot a 6 months pregnant woman to death has pled guilty to second degree murder Monday, February 7, and is scheduled to serve 25-50 years in prison.

Rollon Michael Marko, a 27 year old Portage, MI man, was sentenced by Kalamazoo County Circuit Judge Alexander C. Lipsey to the term for 2nd degree murder and assault on a pregnant individual causing miscarriage or stillbirth. These charges were in place of a 1st degree murder charge, which carries an automatic life without parole sentence.

Marko, who had been drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana on May 22, shot Courtney Delano, 19, in his apartment. She and the fetus died of the single gunshot wound to her chest and shoulder.

Marko, who’s trial was to start Tuesday on charges of open murder and assault as well as the firearms charges, faced up to life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted.

Troy Delano, father of the victim, 19 year old Courtney Delano told his daughter’s murderer, “You’re going to be raped in prison everyday. I hope you enjoy it. Eff you.”

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chandra Levy's murderer convicted, sentenced to 60 years - victim's mom says no closure

(Original Post 11-23-10)
Washington (CNN) -- After more than three days of deliberations, jurors on Monday convicted Ingmar Guandique of two counts of first-degree murder in the 2001 death of Washington intern Chandra Levy.

As the verdict was read, Levy's mother, Susan, stared intently at Guandique. Several jurors wiped their eyes afterward.

Levy, a 24-year-old California native, was in Washington working as an intern for the Bureau of Prisons when she was last seen on May 1, 2001. Her skull was found over a year later, on May 22, 2002, in Washington's Rock Creek Park. But police didn't arrest Guandique until February 2009. He was then serving a 10-year sentence for attacking two other women in the park and had reportedly spoken about killing Levy.

"It's been nearly 10 years since the promise of a young life was lost in Rock Creek Park," Ronald Machen, the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, told reporters Monday afternoon. "Today's verdict does send a message for a murderer to be held accountable. It's never too late for justice to be served."

Following an 11-day trial, jurors deliberated for three days and then for another two hours Monday. They notified Superior Court Judge Gerald Fisher about 11:45 a.m. that they had reached a verdict, entering the courtroom at 12:35 p.m. ET.

Speaking after their dismissal, jurors told reporters they took the time to examine each piece of evidence and consider it. "We were very careful to evaluate all the evidence, and it was a decision based on everything we had," said juror Susan Kelly, a journalist.

Guandique, 29, will face a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole when he is sentenced February 11. The jury convicted him of one count of murder with kidnapping and a second count of murder with attempted robbery.

After the verdict, Susan Levy asked reporters, "What difference does it make," and then answered her own question."You, the prosecutors, defense, the jury, the police, the public and individual citizens, as well as the media, both the written media and the visual media, we all make a difference," she said. "... It makes a difference to find the right person who is responsible for my daughter's death or for anybody else's death."

Regardless of the sentence Guandique is given, "I have a lifetime sentence of a lost limb missing from our family tree," she said. "It's painful. I live with it every day. ... There's always going to be a feeling of sadness."

Emily Grinstead told reporters that she and fellow jurors were mindful not to rush a decision. While confident they reached the right verdict, she said that "doesn't mean that I don't wish we didn't have to be here today."

"You're dealing with somebody's life," Grinstead said. "Two people's lives. I don't take that lightly."

Asked what she would say to Susan Levy, juror Linda Norton said, "I think she has to take from this what she will. We cannot bring back her daughter. ... We did the best we could with the evidence we were given."

Prosecutors argued that Guandique, a reputed member of the Salvadoran gang Mara Salvatrucha, attacked Levy while she was jogging in Washington's Rock Creek Park. After her skull was found, a search turned up other remains of Levy's, as well as clothing later identified as hers strewn down the side of a ravine. Her running shoes were unlaced, and her clothes were turned inside out. Her pants were knotted in tight restraints around her legs.

Prosecutor Amanda Haines, during her closing argument, cited what she portrayed as confessions that Guandique allegedly made to a cellmate as he served time for other attacks, as well as remarks he allegedly made to a female pen pal.

Defense attorney Santha Sonenberg emphasized the largely circumstantial nature of the case, including what prosecutors have acknowledged was a lack of DNA evidence, a lack of witnesses and only secondhand accounts of Guandique's alleged confessions.

Both the women who Guandique also attacked in the park -- including one on the same day Levy went missing -- spoke at the trial, testimony that Kelly called "powerful." He had pleaded guilty for his role in those attacks, and was set to be released in September 2010.

The disappearance of Levy drew national attention after her parents discovered a connection with Gary Condit, who was then a sitting congressman from California. Condit was never a suspect in the case, but he was questioned intensively for details about Levy's whereabouts.

He testified in the trial earlier this month, but refused to address a question about whether he had sex with Levy. An FBI forensic expert later confirmed Condit's semen had been found in underwear retrieved from Levy's apartment in the days after her parents reported her missing. "We've lost our feeling for common decency. I didn't commit any crime. I didn't do anything wrong," he said.

Condit said several times during his testimony that the media frenzy surrounding Levy's disappearance was hard to handle, including a helicopter flight over his California home while his daughter and her friends were sunbathing at the family's pool. "They reported that I had young women in bikinis at my house," he said.

Juror Grinstead pointed out that it wasn't just police that were sidetracked and focused for weeks on the wrong person. Asked who also was on the wrong track, she told reporters, "You all."

Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier defended authorities' handling of the case Monday afternoon, saying it sometimes takes time to find evidence and suspects. The U.S. attorney's office in the District of Columbia recently opened a "cold case" unit, which Machen credited for leading to four convictions in the past year for murders that dated back as far as 20 years.

"It's not like it is on TV. Cases can be very complicated," said Lanier, who became chief in 2007. "You never give up, regardless of criticism, regardless of mistakes. And I think that's what happened in this case."

(Update 2-15-11) On Friday February 11, Guandique was sentenced to 60 years imprisonment for the Levy slaying. Judge Gerald I. Fisher presided over the trial and its conclusion. Prosecutors asked for life without parole - the defense asked for 60 years. Guandique will serve 85% or 51 years before becoming eligible for early release.

Judge Fisaher called the Levy slaying "a truly horrible crime" and Guandique a "dangerous person...Dangerous to women, in particular. And will be a danger for some time. He's a sexual predator. Nobody else should be at the mercy of Mr. Guandique like Ms. Levy."

Fisher acknowledged that the prosecution's case "wasn't a very strong" one - and was based on circumstantial evidence. Fisher said the strongest evidence linking Guandique to Levy's death included Guandique's previous attacks on two female joggers, testimony from witnesses who placed Guandique in the park at the time Levy disappeared and the testimony of Guandique's cellmate, Armando Morales, who said Guandique admitted to him that he killed Levy in the park.

Before sentencing, the victim's mother, Susan Levy, spoke to Guandique directly. "Because of you, young man, you have caused us to live a Holocaust again...You have sentenced our entire family to days of sadness, tears and heartache. You are a hideous creature."

"How could you take my daughter's life? Did you really take her life? Look me in my eyes and tell me."

Before Fisher issued his decision, Guandique stood up, paused, wiped his eyes and addressed the Levy family. It was the first time he had spoken at length in court since being charged in 2009.

"I am sorry for what happened to your daughter," he said through an interpreter. "But I had nothing to do with it. I am innocent."

This view was the continuation of a view Guandique has held since a January 22 letter to the Washington Post. It goes, "Everything about this case was a stupid, comedic farce that the detectives and prosecutors have engaged in," Guandique wrote. "I know there are people who believe in my innocence and to those people who believe in my innocence I say you are not mistaken, because I am innocent."

On a Valentine's Day 2011 interview with anchor Chris Wragge of the CBS Early Morning Show, Susan Levy said that "I always have that 5 percent not being sure. Ninety-five percent I like to believe that the Justice Department is accurate. But there is that 5 percent...But they proved in court. It's circumstantial. Not substantial, but circumstantial evidence that he was involved."

Wragge later asked, "I know there's no sense of closure but is there any sense of peace that you can think of?" "There's no closure, that's for buildings," Susan Levy said. "You have a daughter that's tragically dead, there's never a sense of peace."

"There's 1,318,345 violent crimes committed in 2009 - one murder every three minutes, one violent crime every six seconds, one rape and assault every two minutes. 5.2 million crimes were reported 2007. On average 15,000 to 17,000 people are killed every year since 2000. That's more than what is killed, unfortunately, in Afghanistan. This is pervasive, and one of the leading psychological problems in America, leading to post-traumatic stress disorder. We live in a very violent society, and our most important resources are our children and our family, and we need to do something about this problem."

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Long term substitute teacher charged with misconduct with three boys

A British literature teacher who allegedly had sexual relationships with three Bay City Central High School students is free on $100,000 bond. 41 year old Heidi Lewis was charged with 6 counts of 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct, punishable by up to 15 years imprisonment.

While the AOC in Michigan is normally 16, Michigan state law raises the AOC to 18 when dealing with teacher student sex under normal circumstances The same law raises it to 26 when dealing with Michigan special needs students. Lewis was arrested after the "girlfriend" of one of the alleged victims told Assistant Principal Joseph Buggs that her beau had had sex with the teacher. The teacher was a long term substitute, who taught between January and June 2010.  This led to an interview with Buggs and a Bay City police officer.

The students, both 17, told Buggs and the officer they had been in Lewis’ class and that during the school year, their relationship had been of a typical teacher-student nature.

Near the end of the school year, Lewis and one of the students exchanged cell phone numbers, one of the teens said. A short while after school let out for the year, Lewis came over to the teen’s house and they had sex, the teen told investigators.

The second teen told investigators the first teen later told him of his relationship with Lewis while they were hanging out together. When the second teen said he did not believe his friend, the first teen called Lewis over to his house. Both teens then simultaneously had sex with Lewis, they said, according to court records.

Over time, the two teens told a third classmate about having sex with Lewis. Investigators interviewed the third teen, who claimed to have had sex with Lewis in the back of her silver Jeep Cherokee. This teen told his girlfriend what happened and she ended up passing the information to school authorities.

Lewis was arrested later that day. She was arraigned February 9, 2011 in Bay County District Judge Dawn A. Klida's courtroom.  Bay County Assistant Prosecutor Jordan E. Case asked that an additional stipulation prohibiting her from contact with minors be added to her release conditions. Defense attorney Richard Lee Jr objected, but Judge Klida granted the prosecution request.

Lawrence, MA police officer sent away for 10-12 years for raping mother of two on duty

A former Lawrence, MA police officer was sentenced to 10-12 years imprisonment for raping a young mother of two who was drunkenly celebrating her 24th birthday. Sentencing took place on February 3, 2011 in Newburyport District Court by Judge Richard Welch.

Kevin Sledge Sr, 48, of Salem, NH, was also ordered to stay away from the victim, her family and her friend Regina Perry, undergo sex offender treatment, register as a sex offender, and serve 5 years of probation after leaving prison. Judge Welch said that while Sledge's family said that he was a supportive father and nephew, he was "a man who committed rape and indecent assault and battery," taking advantage of a woman who "was drunk as can be." The official charges a jury convicted Sledge of were three counts of indecent assault and battery and a single rape count.

He said he was trying to help the victim, who told him she was stranded and abandoned in downtown Lawrence that night. He said she asked him for a ride home to Nashua, N.H. He told her he could drive her to the police station.

When she refused to go into the police station lobby and wait for Perry there, Sledge said he allowed the woman to wait in his car parked out back. The victim says after she was picked up by Sledge, he drove her to the police station where he was on duty. She said he returned to his car several times to rape and assault her.

Sledge, a police officer for 17 years, raped and repeatedly assaulted the woman in his personal car, a silver Jaguar he parked behind the police station on Sept. 26, 2008. Sledge was assigned to the booking room and repeatedly left his post to go to his car to rape and fondle the woman. When arrested, he was immediately suspended from the department and stripped of his paycheck once indicted.

The trial was Sledge's second trial - the first trial ended in a mistrial. Prosecutor Kate MacDougall asked for a 12-15 years sentencing, citing the "sacred trust" Sledge violated and that he used his police officer status to facilitate "disgraceful and shameful behavior." MacDougall read a victim impact statement from the victim. The statement said that the attack affected her parenting ability. Her son missed school because she was too scared to walk his to school. She eventually sucummbed to depression, and was evicted from her apartment and ended up with her children in homeless shelters. 

"Every time, I (saw) a silver car, I put my head down and my heart would pound hoping it wasn't him," "Never would I have thought trusting a police officer was gonna end in a disaster," she said. "I thought I had no chance going up against a cop, but I did it anyways."

Defense attorney John Morris asked Welch to impose a 3- to 5-year prison sentence, pointing to the many letters of support Sledge's extended family had written on his behalf to Welch. Morris read a letter in court from Kevin Sledge Jr., Sledge's 21-year-old son, who is a sophomore in college. Sledge Jr. described his father as his best friend and a person who loves him unconditionally. He also said he was disappointed by his dad's choices. "I cannot imagine what my life would be like without him. He taught me to be a hard worker ... to never quit," Sledge Jr. wrote. "I am proud to call him my dad."

Morris also said Sledge suffers from congestive heart failure, a condition he was diagnosed with in August. In addition to heart valve and blood flow problems, Sledge also has a herniated disk in his back and nerve damage that resulted from a cruiser accident he was involved in as a police officer, Morris said.

Judge Welsh told the victim, "You displayed remarkable courage when you testified...Hopefully you can build on that." Shawn Sledge, 40, the perpetrator's nephew, said "[The sentence is] somewhat harsh ... I do understand the judge's comments that he was a police officer and a protector of the law. I understand the decision he made, even though I don't think it's the right one."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Father of four sent away for life for raping woman he met on sugar daddy website

A man who lured a 22 year old woman he met on a sugar daddy website into rape was sentenced to life without parole by Orange Circuit Judge Walter Komanski Wednesday, February 9. Father of four Marcelo Augusto Alves misrepresented himself as Mark Garcia, even using a fake picture, and communicated with the 22 year old Tampa victim before arranging a meeting with her in the Dr. Phillips area of Orlando outside of a multimillion dollar home March 2009.

 "He was wearing a mask and had a knife in his hand and tackled her to the ground and he raped her," said Assistant State Attorney Kelly Hicks. The mask was pantyhose over his face. Alves put a knife to the victim's throat and tackled her to the ground before raping her.  Alves was charged with, then convicted for four counts of sexual battery. His attorney argued that only one act of rape occured, but Alves was convicted on all four counts.

In the victim impact statement, read by Hicks, she said, "I trusted him as Mark and didn't think something like this could have happened...Marcelo royally screwed me up...Now I understand the term, 'sexual predator.'" "He is a monster who deserves to go away for the rest of his life," Hicks said.

Man who bludegoned, dismembered mistress sentenced to 25 years

A Delaware man who murdered his mistress and dumped her body in the Atlantic Ocean because he could not afford to take care of two families was sentenced to 25 years in prison with 85% to serve for aggravated manslaughter. Rosario DiGirolamo, now 36, was sentenced in a Trenton, NJ courtroom yesterday for beating Amy Giordano, his 27 year old mistress, with a hammer, cutting her body into pieces, and burying Amy's body in a pond. The killing took place June 7, 2007. DiGirolamo plead guilty to aggravated manslaughter on January 3, 2011, when his $1 million bail, which his parents put up, was revoked.

DiGirolamo was seeing Amy when she lived in Hightstown, N.J, and he and his wife, Maria DiMaggio, lived in Millstone Township. DiGirolamo was putting Amy up in a $850 per month apartment apartment.

DiGirolamo claimed that his mistress lunged at him with a hammer after an argument over money and Giordano was threatening to  expose their affair, but Superior Court Judge Edward Neafsey pointed out that DiGirolamo searched "lethal karate blows to the back of the head...He studied how to do this and learned his lesson well,” Neafsey said. “What the vicious nature of the crime showed was his anger for the victim and his decision to eradicate her, totally eliminate her, from his life.”

The case did not just make New Jersey headlines, but Delaware's headlines, since two days after the killing, DiGirolamo and Amy's baby Michael DiGirolamo, then 11 months, off at a hospital in Delaware with a note stating "Please help my baby John Vincent I can no longer take care of him. Lost job, lost medical. God have mercy on me."

DiGirolamo was charged with murder in March 2008 after his former best friend became a government witness. John A. Russo Jr. told prosecutors that DiGirolamo had told him of plans to kill the 27-year-old Giordano because he couldn't afford two families. On June 4 or 5, 2007, Russo told prosecutors, DiGirolamo bought a reciprocating saw, garbage bags and drain cleaner at a Lowe's store that Russo managed, and on June 8 confided that he had killed Giordano.

Three days after DiGirolamo's arrest in March 2008, Russo took authorities to a pond near his Staten Island, N.Y., home where had led DiGirolamo on June 9, 2007. That day DiGirolamo threw a suitcase containing Giordano's body parts into the water, and drove to Delaware to get rid of their son.

Russo, who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor evidence tampering, was sentenced in December under New Jersey's pretrial intervention program for first-time offenders to three years of supervision and 50 hours of community service.

Though prosecutors let DiGirolamo plead guilty to a lesser charge -- a murder conviction could have brought him 30 years to life in prison -- Assistant Prosecutor Al Garcia said after the sentencing that they never believed the victim provoked DiGirolamo. Garcia said the deal was cut because key witnesses had not always been honest with investigators, which could have undermined their credibility before a jury.

Garcia said about the victim,“She was with the man she loved. She was with her son. On that day Amy thought she was going to start a new life. She thought she was going to get a new job and a new apartment. But the defendant destroyed those dreams.” 
Just before sentencing, Judge Neafsey berated the defendant, saying about the dismemberment, "Even in death you did not give dignity to Amy Giordano...The time to show remorse and regret was after you killed her, not on your judgment day.”

Garcia said afterwards, "Justice was served, because he came into court and pled guilty. Usually they don't come in and plead guilty for 25 years.''

Marsha Kaller-Apter sent a latter to the court describing how the killing of her sister affected her life. Part of the letter stated  "There is a spot in my life that can't be filled...That was Amy's spot...I don't know what you were thinking and to tell you the truth I don't really care. You killed my sister and left my nephew for dead. HOW CAN YOU DO THAT!!!??? ... How can you even think of hurting someone so small and sweet.''

Jerome Ballarotto stated that before the internet search evidence, his client intended to go to trial, but now he'll appeal. "But considering that the judge was going to allow the jury to see that evidence, my client made a decision not to take the risk of a jury finding him guilty of planning to kill her.”

[Assistant Prosecutor Thomas]Meidt said the sentence marks the closure of one of the longest investigations in the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office.

“It’s very satisfying,” Meidt said. “Sometimes you work a case for a long time and never solve it. This is a case where all the hard work paid off and we got a good disposition on it.”

Michael Girolamo was adopted by a relative on his father's side in 2008.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Man who shot to death mother of his kids sentenced to at least 75 years

A man who shot and killed his baby's momma in from of her kids in a Montclair, NJ YMCA was sentenced to 75 years to life in a New Jersey Superior courtroom on February 1, 2011. Judge Joseph Cassini III sentenced 39 year old Kenneth Duckett of Orange, NJ to the term saying that innocent people are killed every day, and citing Duckett's numerous felony arrests (22 priors) and convictions (six priors) in New Jersey and North Carolina. The 917 days Duckett spent in custody was credited towards his sentence.

Duckett was on trial for a month and found guilty - just two days before Christmas - for the slaying of Monica Paul, 31, of Montclair. Duckett gunned down Paul, the mother of his two children, on June 26, 2008 inside the YMCA Family Center on Glenridge Avenue. Their 10-year-old daughter, Essence, was near and their 4-year-old son, Noah, was swimming in the facility's indoor pool. Paul was in an observation room watching the lesson.

A quarrel ensued between Paul and Duckett, leading to the shooting.

About 15 family members and friends were in the courtroom today to hear the sentence. As Duckett was led out of the courtroom by Essex County Sheriff's officers, he made a hand gesture and nodded to a handful of his friends also in the room.

Duckett, wearing a green prison jumpsuit and a yellow and orange knit hat, apologized to his son Noah, Paul's father, Lionel Paul, and her cousin, Greg Paul.

Before sentencing, Essex County Assistant Prosecutor Rachel Gran said "The crime is not a peaceful act, or hope for a peaceful world."  The prosecutor went on to say that when Paul was killed in front of her daughter, he brought an "enormous" gun and held the entire Y hostage. After sentencing, Gran said "We believe the sentence imposed by Judge Cassini was absolutely appropriate given the horrific nature of the crime. Mr. Duckett brutally murdered Ms. Paul in a crowded YMCA while innocent children and their parents gathered for learning and recreation.''

"While we know the sentence will never bring back Ms. Paul, who left behind two lovely children, we hope the family will be comforted in some small measure by the fact that the justice system worked well in this case,'' said Assistant Prosecutor Gina Iosim.

Suburban St. Louis police officer sentenced to 25 years for forcing women into sex acts

A former Uplands Park, MO police officer was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison for raping and robbing prostitutes. One attack occurred at his own police station. 32 year old Leon Pullen of Foley, MO was sentenced in a St. Louis federal court Friday, January 28 to the 300 month sentence after pleading guilty to nine federal felonies.

These felonies included conspiracy, deprivation of civil rights, witness tampering, and lying to the FBI. Federal prosecutors dropped ten other charges after Pullen pled guilty July 28, 2010. Pullen faced a sentence of 18 1/2 to 25 years of federal confinement.

Pullen's MO was to respond to online escort ads, then after the women responded, he would identify himself as a police officer, pull out his gun, then force the victims to perform sex acts on him. Two of the victims were forced into sex at gunpoint. Pullen was arrested by the FBI on Saturday, September 19, 2009.

The affidavit goes on to say that Pullen called the woman, said his name was "Jimmy," and agreed to pay $400 for a sexual act and that he had her and another woman meet him in Uplands Park on July 15, 2009.

At the meeting, the affidavit said, Pullen rubbed himself against one woman and told her that she had two choices: to give him all her money or get naked, LaCombe wrote. Another officer was present, [FBI special agent Greg]LaCombe wrote, but that officer is not named in the complaint.

Pullen then ordered her and the other woman back in their car and told them to follow him to the police station, where he took the victim to an office in the rear of the station, forced her to undress and then forcibly performed oral sex on her.

The woman, afraid that Pullen would call in the other officer to have sex with her, tried to end the attack by offering to meet Pullen later, LaCombe wrote. Pullen gave her his contact information, and then she left, later calling the FBI.

The victim of that encounter, identified as D.S., gave a victim impact statement and said the sexual assault left her with PTSD and a back injury. "I've always considered myself a very strong woman until that day," she said. The attack had also affected her ability to parent her four children.

Judge Rodney Sippel gave Pullen the 25 year sentence, stating "[People] trust law enforcement to make sure they're safe," Sippel said. "For law enforcement to turn on them and take from them that sense of safety . . . it's hard to comprehend." Pullen was also ordered to pay thousands of dollars in restitution, with the exact amount being disputed.

The second officer in the federal complaint, Justin Biancardi, plead guilty in St. Louis federal court Monday, January 10, 2011 to shaking down over a dozen prostitutes for money. Biancardi, who cooperated with the feds, faces a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine when he is sentenced April 13.

Lake Forest, CA man convicted of raping 5 women faces life imprisonment

A Lake Forest, CA man was convicted of raping 5 Orange County women and sexually assaulting a sixth on Wednesday February 2, according to the Orange County District Attorney's office. 32 year old Sekayi Rudo White was found guilty of 14 counts of rape, sexual assault, making criminal threats, and burglary. White faces a maximum sentence of 119 years to life when he is sentenced April 15, 2011.

[White's] 14 felony counts includ[ed] attempted rape and forcible rape for Jane Doe No. 1; assault with the intent to commit rape, sexual battery by restraint and criminal threats for Jane Doe No. 2; forcible rape and dissuading a witness by force for Jane Doe No. 3; first-degree residential burglary of an inhabited dwelling and two counts of forcible rape for Jane Doe No. 4; forcible rape, criminal threats and first-degree residential burglary of an inhabited dwelling for Jane Doe No. 5; and forcible rape for Jane Doe No. 6.

He has also been slapped with sentencing enhancements and allegations for sexual crimes against multiple victims, rape with the use of a deadly weapon, rape in the commission of a burglary, non-accomplice present during a residential burglary, personal use of a deadly weapon, use of a deadly weapon during a sexual offense, being armed with a deadly weapon during a sexual offense, and crime-bail-crime (which means he allegedly committed a crime while out of custody on bail for another criminal case).

The attacks started in late summer 2002, when White raped a 22 year old passed out woman (Jane Doe 6)at a Santa Ana hotel. The woman woke up while White was raping her, and could not remember drinking alcohol or entering the hotel room. After the attack,  Afterwards, White harassed her at home and work.

In December 2005, White met a 44 year old woman (Jane Doe 1) at an Irvine, CA bar and drove the woman to her home in Newport Beach. He used the ruse of asking to use the bathroom to emerge naked with an erect peniswhile he tried to remove her pants as he was pinning her down. White threatened to kill her if she told about the attack.That victim successfully fought him off. In August 2006, he picked up a 22 year old woman (Jane Doe 2) at a Huntington Beach bar, bringing her back to his home where he raped her.

White was indicted for the three assaults on September 2006. Even though he was held on $250,000 bail, he made bond, and raped three more women between January and April 2007, when he was arrested again and held without bond.

Jane Doe No. 3

On March 31, 2007, White is accused of going to a bar in Lake Forest, where 28-year-old Jane Doe No. 3 was celebrating her birthday. The victim had met the defendant a few months prior. At approximately 2:30 a.m. on April 1, 2007, Jane Doe No. 3 was dropped off at home by a friend. White is accused of showing up at the victim's home and knocking on her door. The victim, who was intoxicated due to alcohol consumption, opened the door, and White is accused of entering. Jane Doe No. 3 passed out in her bed. When the victim woke up, White is accused of forcibly raping her as she struggled and told him to stop. The victim punched White in the face and was able to get up and attempt to call 911. White is accused of following Jane Doe No. 3 and stopping her from calling the police. The victim ran outside and called 911 from a neighbor's home.

The defendant was re-arrested and charged April 4, 2007, with the rape of Jane Doe No. 3. The Orange County district attorney's office issued a press release about White that day, and several media publicized the case. As a result of the media coverage, three additional victims who had previously been frightened to report the crimes against them came forward to police.

Jane Doe No. 4

Jane Doe No. 4 met and began dating White in 2006 when she was 22 years old. In February 2007, White is accused of beginning to send threatening messages to the victim and spying on her by peering through the blinds into her home. On Feb. 21, 2007, White is accused of breaking into Jane Doe No. 4's home when she was alone, pushing the victim to the ground, and stepping on her chest as he removed her pants and panties. He is accused of forcibly raping the victim as he held a large hunting knife to her neck.

Jane Doe No. 5

Jane Doe No. 5 was renting a room from Jane Doe No. 4. The victim frequently locked her bedroom door using an eye-hook because she had seen White in the apartment before and was alarmed by his aggressive behavior toward her roommate. One night in January 2007, Jane Doe No. 5 locked her bedroom door and went to sleep. White is accused of breaking the lock off the door, entering the bedroom and forcibly raping Jane Doe No. 5. He is accused of threatening to kill her if she reported the rape.

Hopefully, White will get the maximum sentence for his crimes. This will insure that women in bars will not have to put up with White's lures and violence again.

Teenage rapist sentenced to 75 to life for attack on woman

A teenage rapist who attacked a 40 year old woman was sentenced to 75 years to life in a Denver, CO courtroom Wednesday, February 3. Shakiel Madden-Vaughn, who was 16 when he attacked a 40 year old woman who was walking home from a light rail station on January 24, 2009, was convicted by a jury of attempted 1st degree murder, two counts of sexual assault, 1st degree assault, and aggravated robbery for the attack. Madden-Vaughn raped the 40 year old victim, beat her with a baseball bat, then stole her purse.

Madden-Vaughn, who turned 18 the day before Halloween last year, faces charges of fondling a 12 year old girl on a playground January 19, 2009 and hitting a 68 year old woman with a brick. Chief Deputy DA Joseph Morales and Deputy District Attorney P.J. Loew prosecuted the case.

Former teacher gets year in prison and lifetime SO registration for "relationship" with 18 year old girl

Ryan Spicer, a 30 year old ex teacher from Crooksville, OH, was sentenced to a year in prison and lifetime registration as a Tier 3 sex offender for a count of sexual battery. Perry County Common Pleas Court accepted his plea November 16 to a Bill Of Information regarding a count of sexual battery. The victim was a 18 year old girl who Spicer met as a business teacher at Crooksville High School. Spicer was also employed as the assistant football coach at the high school, and worked there from July 24, 2007, to May 20, 2010. Spicer cited "personal" reasons for his resignation.

Kyle Newton, superintendent for the Crooksville Exempted Village School District Board of Education, said once Spicer had resigned, the school was removed from the situation. Newton did say the girl was the only student who has reported any incidents with Spicer.

Although Newton said he and Spicer had a conversation just before Spicer's resignation last year, he would not state what had been discussed. Newton said Monday that when he learned of the situation, he dealt with Spicer as quickly as he could.

According to Newton, Spicer surrendered his taching credentials last month.

LA county health inspector gets 115 days jail, lifetime SO registration for groping donut shop owner

A Los Angeles County health inspector was sentenced to 115 days in jail, three years probation and lifetime sex offender registration February 3 for groping a Pomona, CA doughnut shop owner. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David Brougham meted out the sentence February 3 in a Pomona, CA courtroom. 51 year old Magdy Tawadros was convicted on January 26 after jurors found him guilty of a single sexual battery count.

The groping took place March 24, 2010, at the 45 year old victim's shop, Pixie Donuts. A surveillance camera caught Tawadros grabbing the woman in the back room of her shop and touching her chest as she tried to get away. The victim's civil attorney, Tim McDonough, elaborates on the encounter.

"The first actual assault was a hug, at which point the female store owner distracts him and says, 'I have to look out for the customers,' and she escapes, and after that a second altercation occurs where she's reeled in and of course there's some groping that occurs, and some inappropriate hand touching and things of that nature, and at that point a second escape occurs that then leads on to a third physical altercation. He spends about 15 minutes on the premises asking the female store owner if he can date her, and asks for her phone number and apparently leaves another business card with her in an attempt to solicit her to engage in some sort of encounter with him in the future," said McDonough. The victim went to the police March 29, 2010.

Tawadros, who worked in the West Covina bureau of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, was initially placed on desk duty, but fired on April 14 after the surveillance tape came to light. According to defense attorney Michael Holmes, "Watching (the jury) view the surveillance tape it was clear they were uncomfortable with what happened and I think that was the deciding factor."

It was the second jury trial in the case. The first ended in a mistrial after Deputy District Attorney Lauren Guber failed to give Tawadros' defense attorney an audio recording she made during interviews with the alleged victim and her husband. Deputy District Attorney Daniel Rochmes prosecuted the case to conviction, Gibbons said. Rochmes could not immediately be reached for comment.

The victim impact statement by the woman and her husband said they were "so relieved now that the jury has found Mr. Tawadros guilty... In our view, he has shown no remorse for what he did and he has fabricated a gross public lie intended to prove that he was innocent and to turn the tables on his victims, our family. He used his advantageous position as a county public code enforcer to commit a criminal act while he was on duty."

A $10 million lawsuit has been filed against Tawadros by the victim.

Oklahoma City serial rapist gets 5 life without parole terms

John Earl Stephney Jr, 33, was sentenced to five life without parole terms for the rapes of five women by
Judge Kenneth Watson on Friday, January 28, 2011. Stepney's guilty plea to the charges did not help him one iota at sentencing.

The judge was told he attacked the first rape victim as she slept in her apartment Nov. 17, 2008. Next, he attacked a woman walking home from work late Dec. 7, 2008.

His third victim was the woman who was doing Christmas shopping the afternoon of Dec. 23, 2008, at Penn Square Mall. His fourth victim was attacked Jan. 5, 2009, as she was doing laundry at her apartment complex.

The fifth victim was attacked on Jan. 7, 2009, as she was vacuuming her car at a car wash. She told police the rapist said, “Maybe next time your husband will come wash your car.” Stepney was arrested the next day.

Stepney forced two victims to let him withdraw cash at ATMs from their bank accounts, according to the police reports and court records. In his attacks, he threatened the women with a BB gun that looked like a real handgun, prosecutors said.

The third victim read an impact statement to the court. “Things are still not back to my ‘normal.' I do not ever sleep well. I hear every little noise and I am jolted awake multiple times every night. Every time I have to walk to my car alone I have such pain and tightness in my chest is it almost unbearable.”

According to police reports, when Stephney saw his victim was looking away, he said “What are you doing not paying attention?" The victim said when she did look at him, he said “Don't look at me. Do you want a .45 bullet to your head?”

Judge Watson said that  if the victim had been his daughter, “I wonder if I could let the penitentiary take care of it rather than taking care of it myself.”

As for Stepney, he made no statement during sentencing, but in a pre sentence report he said "I made some bad decisions. I have wrecked lives including my own. I have always had a problem with pornography.”

He also said he was using drugs when “my crimes happened.” He said, “The drugs make you feel like you must have everything you want. They take over you. … All I can really ask for is to be forgiven.”

Stepney's bad decisions have exacted a heavy price on his life and the lives of his victims. Forgiveness will not come from the people of Oklahoma, but perhaps, one day, may come from God .

Fresno insurance company owner sentenced to 10 days jail, 4 years probation for peeping on female employee

A Fresno, CA boss was sentenced to 10 days jail, 20 days in a work program and four years probation Wednesday, January 26 for taking indecent photos of one of his female employees in December 2009. 51 year old insurance company owner Wellman Shew was convicted of misdemeanor peeping after he was found with "disturbing" images on his work computer. If Shew violates his probation, he will be sent to prison and the four years he is scheduled to spend on the sex offender registry will become life.

Police later searched Shew's business on North Cedar Avenue near Alluvial Avenue and found a video that showed a female employee using the restroom. Police said officers also found a fake plant on top of the toilet with a secret compartment and two boxes with holes on the side.

In court Wednesday, [prosecutor Tim]Galstan, a deputy district attorney, informed the judge that there could be multiple victims, because Shew had told police that he was not fixated on just the victim in this case. "I just kind of rotate from people to people," Shew said, according to Galstan.

Just before sentencing, Shew told Judge Dennis Peterson in Fresno County Superior Court that his actions stemmed from a porn addiction, and "Hopefully, she will find in her heart to forgive me." Defense attorney Michael Idiart said that his client has tried to make amends by attending marital counseling, paying a civil settlement, and that "He accepts his punishment and wants to move forward."

The victim also made a statment to the court, asking Judge Peterson to make her peeper register as a sex offender. "Knowledge is power - I want future employees to know what he did." Peterson, when announcing his sentence, cited the vulnerability of the victim and the "sophistication and planning" of the unlawful recording.