Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rapist gets decade imprisonment, no contact with minors order

A mentally ill man with a sexual addiction was sentenced Friday, June 4 to 10 years imprisonment, 35 years of probation, and a stay away order from minors and his now 22 year old victim for an attack at a Connecticut YMCA last year. 26 year old Raymond Warren plead guilty to 1st degree sexual assault for an attack that occurred when he and his victim were in the same YMCA mental health program.

Warren invited the girl his room to watch television and listen to music in August 2009, police said. When the woman came into the room, Warren requested sex from her and the woman refused and tried to leave, court documents detailed.

He then grabbed her, and raped her, the warrant stated. She screamed and tried to fight him off but he did not stop. When the incident concluded, the woman fled to the Susan B. Anthony Project and Warren was arrested. He admitted to police the crime and said he did not understand the woman at the time and that he was battling a sexual addiction.

Judge James P. Ginocchio said just before the sentencing, “It was a vicious sexual assault… the victim was trying to get away. It happened repeatedly, it was very serious offense...He’s big, he’s strong, he overpowered this victim. By his own admissions, he’s a very dangerous person. Based on the facts here, in this case, the sentence he’s facing is fair.”

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