Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chicago Tribune - Illinois doctors can practice despite sex crime convictions

A Chicago Tribune report on doctors who have been convicted of sexually abusive patients finds that many Illinois doctors who have been convicted of sexually abusing their clients are still practicing. One case involves a Lemont, IL doctor who was convicted of sexually abusive a patient undergoing cosmetic surgery in 2000. Disciplinary proceedings were started, but never followed up against him for the assault.

A Tribune review uncovered 16 sex offenders who have held state medical licenses within the past 15 years. Not one had his license permanently revoked following his conviction. Even those who were the most severely sanctioned are allowed to reapply to practice. The Lemont woman's doctor, Nercy Jafari, was never punished by the disciplinary agency in any way, records show.

The woman's father asked "How in God's name can someone convicted of sexual abuse by a jury of his peers be allowed to continue practicing medicine?"

In Illinois, only doctors convicted of drug offenses and public aid fraud can have their licenses permanently revoked. Here's hoping that the Tribune report can change that.

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