Sunday, June 20, 2010

Man who faked cancer, stabbed "girlfriend" after she found out gets decades in prison

An Irish national who slew his "lover," a NYPD forensic investigator, was sentenced to 29 to 37 years in prison for her murder. The official charges McGurk plead guilty to were manslaughter and three counts of evidence tampering. Gary McGurk, the "boyfriend" of criminologist Michelle Lee, was sentenced June 16 by Queens Supreme Court Justice Gregory Lasak, who indicated he would have sentenced the murderer to life if he hadn't plead guilty. "This makes no sense at all. You deserve a life sentence, Mr. McGurk. You know that," Judge Lasak said.

In April 2009, Lee was bashed 4 times with a hammer, stabbed in the neck, and burned with an iron before McGurk left her nude body on her bed for police to find, with the knife still in his victim's neck. Prosecutors believe that the motive for the attack was anger over not getting any more money from Lee, who he tricked into believing had cancer. Lee had gave McGurk thousands for "treatment," for "cancer" which McGurk claimed spread to his kidney, liver, and lungs.

"I'm not ready to lose Gary," Lee wrote in an entry read by Queens Assistant District Attorney Charles Testagrossa. "I'm just trying to figure out the right time to tell him I love him. I truly do...He's so brave. I can't stop crying. I love him so much. I wish he would get better. I wish I could hold onto him forever."

The couple met in 2004 at CUNY John Jay college. Lee was 24 when she was killed.

At the sentencing, McGurk said that "I hope that in the years to come God will help you through this. Michelle is safe with him now. I don't ask for forgiveness because I don't deserve it. I will meet my maker one day and receive my punishment that day as I receive my punishment today. I can only hope the years to come will be easier. May she rest in peace."

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