Sunday, June 27, 2010

Felon gets 25 years for killing, dismembering "fiancee" after argument

A Buffalo man who killed his former "girlfriend" was sentenced to 25 years in the New York prison system for killing her and dismembering her after she died. Tomell HaSidi killed LaQuiesta "Pinky" Brown, his "girlfriend" after she found out his true character as a criminal. After killing Brown and cutting her body into pieces, HaSidi told police that his victim was killed accidentally during an argument.

Prosecutor Thomas M. Finnerty said HaSidi had initially told police he accidentally killed Brown during an argument after she broke off their engagement and ordered him to move out of her family's home. Members of the Buffalo Police Underwater Recovery Team searched the channel after authorities at the nearby Peace Bridge reported that surveillance cameras had recorded suspicious activity there.

The judge lauded Buffalo police homicide detectives for tracing HaSidi's movements through the parole ankle bracelet he was wearing. At the time of her killing, Brown was working on a psychology degree at Erie Community College's North Campus in Amherst.

Brown met HaSidi while he was in prison of parole violations from forgery and grand larceny cases. Brown felt that by being there for him, and letting his move into her family's home, despite their concerns. She also cared for HaSidi after he was being treated for cancer.

The victim's father, Bernard Brown, said his daughter's killer's lack of remorse "showed what kind of a coward he is" and hoped that HaSidi is killed by the Aryan Nation in prison.

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