Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Domestic violence coordinator guilty of assaulting husband over alleged affair - sentenced to DV counseling

(Original Post 5-29-10)
A director of a Michigan domestic violence shelter was convicted of attacking her husband over an alleged affair on May 18, 2010. 46 year old LaDonna Glenn was convicted of felonious assault, which carries a maximum 4 year prison term and a $2,000 fine for threatening her husband with a hammer September 24 at their Southfield, MI condo. An Oakland County jury found her guilty after only two hours of deliberation.  Oakland County Circuit Judge Martha Anderson will sentence Glenn June 21.

She was accused of going Sept. 24 to her and her husband’s condominium in Southfield, beating on the door with a hammer and twice raising the tool at her husband, George Glenn, 69, whom she alleged was unfaithful. LaDonna Glenn was arrested after George Glenn told police he had to grab his wife’s hands and wrestle her to the floor to remove the hammer from her grip, according to a Southfield Police Department report. She had been hitting a glass table with it and calling her husband a cheater.

When officers, who were summoned by a neighbor, arrived at the home, George Glenn was sitting on LaDonna Glenn as she lay on her stomach, pinning down her hands at the wrist, according to the report. LaDonna Glenn told officers her husband forced her into the living room and threw her to the ground, hurting her right knee. She went to a hospital before going to jail.

LaDonna Glenn is the domestic violence coordinator of AWARE, Inc, an organization which serves victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse/assault in the Jackson, MI area. AWARE's executive director Rebecca Filip and president Bree Thurlby did not comment, but released the following statement:

AWARE cannot comment on the exact circumstances surrounding an employee matter due to employee confidentiality and the law,” according to a letter submitted by the board last week to the [Jackson, MI]Citizen Patriot.

When the legal process is complete, the board determines what action it must take as an employer on a case-by-case basis. Issues involving AWARE’s employees are addressed pursuant to the agency’s policies and procedures. The board fully supports its executive director and all employees.

(Update 6-22-10) LaDonna Glenn was sentenced to a year probation, domestic violence and anger management treatment, and must abstain from posessing deadly weapons or engaging in assaultive behavior. The sentencing took place yesterday in Circuit Judge Martha Anderson's courtroom. Glenn was fired from her job as the AWARE domestic violence coordinator.

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