Thursday, June 3, 2010

Man sentenced to death for rape-slay of college coed

A 28 year old man who kidnapped, raped and murdered a Reno, NV college student and raped two other women was sentenced to death yesterday for the murder. After a 3 1/2 week trial and 9 hours of deliberation, James Biela, a pipe fitter from Sparks, NV was sentenced for the November 20, 2008 rape and murder of 19 year old Brianna Denison. Besides the Denison rape-slaying, Biela was found guilty May 27 of attacking a woman in a parking garage in October 2007 and raping another college student in December 2007. Biela was convicted of a total of 5 counts relating to the attacks.

During the penalty phase, Biela's father testified that he beat his wife in front of Biela and his siblings, and told of an upbringing of poverty. Denison's family plans to lobby for DNA collection upon arrest for a felony.

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