Thursday, June 24, 2010

Long Island doctor convicted of voyeurism charges - faces 4 years in prison

A Long Island doctor has been convicted of using a hidden toliet camera against his patients and employees Monday, June 21. 54 year old Vincent Pacienza was found guilty in a Nassau County, NY courtroom of unlawful surveillance. Pacienza told his employees back in June 2008 that he would be installing an air purifier in the washroom which was shared by employees and patients, closing down the employee-only washroom.

However, that air purifier contained a hidden camera which faced the toilet (and the women using it). It was hooked up to a monitor hidden underneath Pacienza's desk. He was caught when one of the victims opened up office mail and saw the invoice for the air purifier with the hidden camera inside. Pacienza was arrested a bit later on.

While sentencing is set for July 31, Pacienza will face a decade on the New York sex offender registry, and disciplinary action against his medical license. Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said  “This defendant completely betrayed the trust of his employees, many of whom worked him for many years.”  

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