Saturday, September 19, 2009

Taxpayers will pay for defense of Davie, FL police officer charged with rape of girl

A Davie, FL police officer will be granted legal aid for his upcoming trial, according to his attorney. Stephen Olenchak, 35, plead not guilty to sexual battery, however due to his suspesion without pay from the Davie Police Department, taxpayers will be footing his defense. According to this report, the girl was between 12 and 18, and ironically, happened after the threesome was watching the HBO series "Big Love."

According to the arrest report, the victim told investigators Olenchak brought his wife a drink before going to bed on March 22. After his wife fell asleep, he brought the victim something to drink. At the time, police said they were investigating whether the drinks were spiked with drugs.

According to the report, Olenchak then fondled and had intercourse with the victim, who said she did not consent and was not coherent enough to call out to Olenchak's wife for help.

Olenchak, an 11-year veteran, was put on administrative leave without pay on May 13, town records show. He will remain on leave pending the outcome of the case.

"He is innocent of what he is accused of doing - He has a spotless record as a Davie police officer" said his attorney."

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He is disgusting.