Sunday, September 13, 2009

Man sentenced to 22 years without parole for murder of mother he had "consensual" sexual relations with

A 21 year old man plead guilty but mentally ill to the murder of his 43 year old mother with whom he had a "consensual" but inappropriate sexual relationship for the past 4 years. Mary Finnegan was found dead, nude and wrapped in bedding, by her other, 23 year old son July 24, 2008. John Finnegan initially denied killing his mother, but told police that he was "bottled up with rage."

John Finnegan tried to kill himself, but when that did not work, he grabbed some cash, left the house in his mother's car, and fled for a few days before being arrested in a neighboring county, according to prosecutors.

The guilty but mentally ill plea allows the younger Finnegan to get mental health counseling during his 22 year prison stay, a stay which cannot be reduced for good behavior. All 1st degree murderers in Illinois must serve all of their sentence, with 1st degree murder sentences ranging from 20 to 60 years in most cases.

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