Thursday, September 10, 2009

Milwaukee serial killer update

Five more 1st degree intentional homicide (murder) charges were added to the criminal complaint in the Milwaukee "North SIde Strangler"serial killer case. Late this afternoon, 49 year old Walter E. Ellis was charged with the murders of Sheila Farrior, Florence McCormick, Irene Smith, Tanya Miller, and Debra Harris. All five women were strangled, but only Irene Smith died by "bleeding out." Smith's death occured on November 28, 1992. The killer strangled Sheila Farrior with her bra on June 27, 1995, Florence McCormick with a rope on April 24, 1995, Debra Lynn Harris with a handkerchief on October 10, 1986. and the day after Harris' death, killed Tanya Miller by choking her to death. Except for Harris, whose body was dumped in the Menominee River, all bodies were found in abandoned houses on Milwaukee's north side.

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