Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Contractors sentenced to jail (not prison) for sexual assault of inmate

Two contractors working for a company which transported prison inmates have been sentenced to 270 and 75 days in jail, respectively for forcing a woman to perform oral sex with them. Both men, Miguel Jacobo, and Ronald Yglesias, plead no contest to a count of sexual activity in a detention facility, with Yglesias also pleading to a count of oral copulation in a detention facility. The sentencing s were held September 4, 11 days ago.

Yglesias was sentenced to 270 days in the Santa Barbara Jail, while Jacobo was sentenced to 75 days in the same facility. Both must register as sex offenders for life, and both cannot work as guards in any capacity anymore.

The illegal acts were committed while the two were returning the female inmate to Santa Barbara County Jail in October of last year. They had worked for just under six months for U.S. Extradition Services, which contracted with the county to transport prisoners among facilities throughout California. The company no longer has a contract with the Sheriff.

The victim said that Ygelsias made her give him oral sex while in a van with seven inmates in it, both male and female. “Clearly, the victim was particularly vulnerable,” Dudley said. “I think his behavior was despicable.” He claimed to detectives that he had taken four Ambien sleeping pills to fall asleep, and woke up to find the victim performing oral sex on him.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Joyce Dudley, prosecutor of this case, stated that “those who work within our criminal justice system are public servants, their behavior must be above reproach. In this case, it wasn’t just criminal, it was unconscionable.”

The victim stated to presiding judge Frank Ochoa that "I am supposed to trust law enforcement, and now I am going to have a hard time doing that.”

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