Saturday, September 26, 2009

Postal worker charged in 4th rape

A mailman accused of being a serial rapist was charged with a 4th attack on a female Wednesday, September 23. 41 year old Tommie Naylor of the 7900 block of S. Yale Av, Chicago was charged with 2 counts of criminal sexual assault and a single count of kidnapping for an attack November 1, 2008. In that attack, Naylor and two other assailants forced a woman into a car and drove her to a location on Chicago's Southwest side where she was raped.

Naylor was being held on other rape charges in Cook COunty Jail and was brought to a local police station for questioning in the 2008 case after his DNA turned up.

In the original cases, Naylor abducted his victims as they were walking outside, forced them into his black SUV, drove them to a secluded location and threatened them with a weapon or displayed one as he raped them, Stevens said.

In one incident on July 4, 2005, Naylor allegedly offered to help a teen who was crying in the streets at 3 a.m., looking for a police station to report she had been raped. He ended up choking the 16-year-old girl, saying "he was sorry and hoped God would forgive him" before proceeding to sexually assault her in his car at West 93rd and South Racine Avenue, according to prosecutors at his bond hearing.

Police are looking for the other two suspects. Kidnapping carries a 6 to 30 year prison sentence, and criminal sexual assault carries a 4 to 15 year sentence in Illinois.

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