Saturday, September 26, 2009

Adulterous husband gets life without parole for murdering wife to retain mistress

A Lancaster, PA funeral director was sentenced to life without parole for murdering his wife, the mother of his four kids, because he wanted to be with his latest mistress without divorcing. 42 year old Michael Roseboro was sentenced to life without parole, the mandatory sentence for 1st degree murder in Pennsylvania, yesterday.

On Friday, Lancaster County Judge James P. Cullen handed down the sentence to the murder of 45 year old Jan Roseboro, found beaten, strangled and drowned in their backyard swimming pool July 22, 2008. Police zeroed in on Roseboro after police discovered his relationship with mistress Angela Funk. Both Funk and Roseboro were married to others, and met for trysts, discussions of weddings, and their honeymoon, but never planned to divorce their spouses. Funk discovered she was pregnant with Roseboro├Ęs child the day he was arrested for 1st degree murder.

But the prosecutor, Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman, said he had several things he wanted to say:

"What stands out to me is the selfishness and senselessness of this crime," Stedman began."This murder should not have happened. We should not be here...He was extremely fortunate to marry a woman who everyone loved and liked....And rather than divorce his wife, Stedman said, Roseboro decided to kill her. He stripped four children of their mother.

Steadman also said that unlike a gunshot, which is a quick, even though not always painless murder method, Roseboro chose to strangle, beat, and drown his wife, a process which could have been stopped at any time.

Judge Cullen let Roseboro stay in the Lancaster County Prison for 10 days to discuss his appeal. He also ordered Roseboro to pay $25,112 restitution to his four kids, currently being raised by their aunt.

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