Thursday, September 24, 2009

Frederick, MD man gets 7 years for raping mother's friend

A Frederick, MD man was sentenced to a 7 year sentence Tuesday, September 23 for the rape of his mother's friend, distraught over the recent breakup with a boyfriend. According to the presiding judge, only the victim's request for leniency prevented the now 23 year old Corey Andrew Bailey from being sentenced to the maximum sentence for 2nd degree rape in Maryland, 20 years.

Judge G Edward Dwyer Jr. stated that the victim was vulnerable and that "she had gone to your mother ... and you took advantage of her. Fortunately for you, but for her request, you would be spending a longer period of time in prison. If you violate probation, you'll be facing 13 more years."

The afternoon of Feb. 25, Bailey visited the woman after learning she was upset about an argument with her boyfriend, according to testimony Tuesday in Frederick County Circuit Court.

While sharing a 12-pack of beer, Bailey told the woman, "Anyone would be lucky to have you," the woman told police, Angel said in court Tuesday. She declined his offer of a kiss on the neck, telling him "she only wanted a friend," [Maryland Assistant State's Attorney Lindell K.] Angel said.

Fatigued, the woman fell asleep on the couch. She woke up to the sex assault, Angel said. He ignored her when she told him to stop and hit him with her fist.

The victim did not attend the sentencing even though she arranged the plea agreement because according to Angel, "The victim is very, very anxious. She did not want to face him."

Bailey will face 3 years of post release supervision after release from prison. He is ordered not to contact the victim, stay drug and alcohol free, and register as a violent sex offender.

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