Thursday, May 8, 2008

Woman prison guard arrested for encounter with inmate

Tashala C. Johnson-Ashley, 33, a former Muskogee County Prison correctional officer, has been charged with sexual assault against a person in custody and violation of oath by a public officer after a sexual encounter with an inmate. She was arrested early Tuesday morning.

Johnson-Ashley, who had been with the Muscogee County Prison for eight months, is accused of having contact with an inmate around April 5 while she was off duty and he was on a landscaping work detail, said Muscogee County Sheriff's Maj. Troy Culpepper and prison Warden William Adamson.

She appeared in Municipal Court Tuesday morning and made her $2,000 bond that afternoon.
The warden said Johnson-Ashley had fallen in love with an inmate.

"She let those feelings evolve to a point that was totally unacceptable," Adamson said. "He's certainly not on a work detail in this city."

Adamson heard rumors about the encounter and started an investigation April 11. Johnson-Ashley was supposed to speak to investigators around April 23, but resigned instead.

Culpepeer said about the results of the investigation, "Our investigation concluded that she had inappropriate sexual contact with an inmate on a detail outside of the work camp."

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