Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jailer allegedly rapes female inmate, free on $5000 bond

A city jailer in Warrensville Heights, OH is accused of the rape of a woman who is serving 27 days in jail. George Sims, 27 entered a plea of not guilty during his 1st court appearance yesterday in Bedford. The incident occurred around 9 AM April 28, and the jailer was himself behind bars before release on $5000 bond.

While in her cell, around nine o'clock that morning, the victim's husband says she was sexually assaulted by the jailer. The victim said the jailer told her to be quiet, pulled down her pants and forced himself on her. She says there are no cameras in the cells, but there are cameras in the hallways.She says you'll be able to see him walking into her cell uninvited.

After the incident, the victim called her husband, who reported the incident. Ironically, the woman was in jail for a domestic violence conviction. The Warrenville Heights Police's Internal Affairs Division investigated, and placed the jailer on administrative leave. The woman was the only inmate in the jail's women's division, which is located separately from the men's division. The jailer is not a commissioned police officer.

Sims' father-in-law, Pastor Willie Henry was at court."I know that it is not true. This is an attack from the enemy we'll call Satan himself . It's just not true he is not that kind of man," Pastor Henry said of his son-in-law.

The charges go to a grand jury, where they could be reduced to sexual battery from rape. Sexual battery carries a maximum sentence a decade less than a rape charge.

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