Saturday, May 24, 2008

NYC lawyer charged with groping employees

A prominent NYC lawyer was charged with 3rd degree sex abuse, forcible touching, and harassment after allegedly groping two female lawyers over the past year.

Last June, Dienst touched the breasts of a woman and tried to get her to touch his crotch, and on March 22, he allegedly lifted the shirt of another female lawyer and put his mouth on her exposed breast.

The seamy details were outlined in a criminal complaint, which described how Dienst preyed on his female colleagues at the Queller, Fisher, Dienst, Serrins, Washor & Kool law firm.

"I just want to see how great your t--s look," Dienst said when he grabbed one of the womens' breasts on March 21, the complaint charged. "I just want to feel how great your tits feel."

Dienst lifted up the woman's shirt and tried to "place his mouth on informant's breast, without permission or authority" and after she "asked the defendant to stop," the complaint said.

Unwilling to take no for an answer, Dienst "then placed his hand down the back of the informant's pants, placed informant's hand on his penis," according to the complaint.

Earlier, on June 22, 2007, Dienst "grabbed and stroked"" another female lawyer's breasts and lower back without permission.

Dienst, a founding partner of the Quelller, Fisher, Dienst, Serrins Washer & Kool
law firm, has represented the Detectives Endowment Association as well as the unions representing sergeants and lieutenants, as well as top brass from captains to deputy chiefs.

Judge Dena Douglas filed orders of protection on behalf of both victims and adjuorned the case until August 5. His son is this prominent news reporter.

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