Saturday, May 31, 2008

Repeat offender charged with raping, beating prostitute

Daryl Norris, who police said shared consensual sex and crack cocaine with a 35 year old woman recently convicted of prostitution, has now been charged with kidnapping, two counts of second degree sexual assault and one count of second degree reckless endangerment for raping, beating, and offering her services to another man.

The 35-year-old victim was repeatedly beaten and kicked by Norris and thrown down a flight of stairs, the complaint says.

The complaint quotes Madison Police Detective Lisa Wing as saying "she has never seen an adult with such extensive bruising," as the victim had. "She had extensive bruising, swelling and abrasions on her entire head and body," the complaint says.

Eventually, when Norris fell asleep, the victim was able to escape at about 4:30 a.m. on May 17 through the front door after removing a make-shift barricade made out of a chair, table, hand weights and a piece of wood.

The victim fled nude to the nearby Lake Point Road area where she pounded on windows to attract attention and gained the help of residents there.

According to the complaint, the victim agreed to go with Norris to share crack cocaine and when they got to his house they had consensual sex, the woman said, and then smoked some crack Norris had bought. The victim would later tell police Norris acted strangely after ingesting the crack.

"He made growling noises and talked about the bible while he smoked the crack cocaine," the complaint says.

The woman wanted to leave, but Norris persuaded her to stay with the promise of more crack, according to the complaint. He then forced her to have sex with him, dragged her around the basement of his house, and beat and kicked her. He also offered her services to another man who declined.

The victim said she was knocked out during the beatings and doesn't remember some of it "because the defendant beat her viciously and repeatedly about her head and face," according to the complaint.

Norris, who is charged as an repeat offender, faces 152 years of both prison and extended supervision for all charges.

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