Thursday, May 29, 2008

Semen sex abuser sentenced to 30 days in jail, eviction from apartment complex

A man convicted of ejaculating on his (ex-) friend's sleeping wife was sentenced to 30 days in jail and ordered to move out of his apartment complex by Judge Fred Averas because that's where he victimized her. Adam Serafin, 26, was the first person to be convicted of 3rd degree sex abuse in Oregon without some type of skin to skin contact.

According to the judge's written ruling, Serafin slept over his friend's Dallas apartment after the two got drunk while watching a football game Dec. 3.

Serafin, his friend and the friend's wife all slept in the living room. The friend slept on a couch, while his wife and Serafin slept on recliners. A few hours later, the woman awoke to a wet feeling on her exposed leg. She looked up and saw Serafin at the foot of her recliner. Serafin zipped his pants and fled into the kitchen when the woman screamed.

Because of the husband's drunkenness, the victim had trouble waking him up, but the husband kicked Serafin out of their apartment and called Dallas police.

In cases of this type, the suspect usually is charged with only harassment or disorderly conduct, both of which are non-sexual offenses, Newton-Tapia said. But in arguments earlier this month, Newton-Tapia told Avera that Oregon law defines spitting on someone as offensive physical contact, and argued that semen should be considered an extension of the body.

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Anonymous said...

It is about time someone recognised that it is a sexual assult, and not just spitting on the woman.