Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wife sentenced to decade for poison, hitman attempt on husband

A Galion, OH woman was sentenced to 10 years in the Ohio prison system Monday, February 2, 2010 for the attempted murder of her husband last year. Kathleen Wirick formally pled guilty to conspiracy to commit aggravated murder and attempted aggravated murder in front of Court of Common Pleas Judge Russ Wiseman. According to prosecutor Cliff Murphy, the victim supported the outcome.

During the plea/sentencing hearing, Wirick was visibly shaking and crying as she admitted that between May 1 and June 18 of 2009, she did commit the crimes of which she is accused.

The attempted aggravated murder charge refers to an attempt Wirick made to poison her husband, Brad, using Ajax sprinkled in his coffee — an attempt Wirick claimed to have thought better of, dumping the coffee before serving it to her husband.

Wirick’s conspiracy conviction stems from her calling a friend and asking if the friend knew a “hitman.”

Murphy informed the press that Chris Hydinger from the sheriff’s office worked with the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, to place an agent posing as a hitman on the case.

Wirick and her estranged husband have two children, one of whom is a minor.

Both counts will be served concurrently. Besides prison, served at 100% in Ohio, Kathleen will be fined $250 plus court costs and must serve at least a year of post release control.

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