Monday, February 22, 2010

Repeat sex offender sentenced to 40 years for rape

A registered sex offender was sentenced in a suburban Denver courtroom to 40 years in prison for burglarizing a house and raping a 59 year old woman inside. 23 year old Ryan Ray Iliff was sentenced Friday, February 19 to 40 years imprisonment in Jefferson County District Court. Iliff pled guilty January 4 to kidnapping with sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, and 1st degree criminal trespass.

In the hours prior to the early-morning assault, the 23-year-old Iliff got drunk following a fight with his girlfriend. Iliff then drove into a residential neighborhood in south Jefferson County carrying duct tape and rope in a backpack.Iliff failed to get into the first home he tried to invade: He pried out window screens, cut the phone line and attempted unsuccessfully to pry the metal security bar out of the track of a sliding glass door.

He went next door and was able to get in. Inside the second home, the woman awoke to find Iliff with his hand over her mouth. He sexually assaulted the victim and then ran from the home. The victim immediately called 911 and was careful not to disturb any evidence left by her assailant, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.

Law enforcement lifted Iliff's fingerprints from the crime scene, leading to his arrest.

Jefferson County District Attorney Scott Storey priased the victim, saying, "The victim in the case showed extraordinary courage. She has serious health issues that have been exacerbated by the trauma of the sexual assault. In this case, with her full agreement, we let the defendant plead guilty to avoid going to trial and having to put the victim through the difficult process."

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