Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cedar Rapids man sentenced to 30 years prison, lifetime parole for rape, beating of wife

A Cedar Rapids, IA man was sentenced Friday, February 5, to 30 years in prison and lifetime parole for the rape of his then-wife. Shawn Kruse, 32, pled no contest to second-degree kidnapping, second-degree sexual abuse, assault while participating in a felony, going armed with intent and eluding charges for the attack last December. Kruse must serve 17 1/2 years on the abuse and kidnaping charges before being eligible for parole.

The assault began after Kruse grabbed and choked his now ex-wife, forcing her into their basement. According to the victim impact statement Kruse's ex-wife read, he then beat, gagged, raped, and then stomped on her pubic bone.

She said the only reason her torture that lasted for hours stopped is because he left the house to get a shotgun, so he could kill them both.

Before he left, he piled a sofa and an ottoman on top of her, so she couldn’t escaped. Once he left, she loosened the tape around her wrists and the belt around her legs and got out from under the furniture to get to her cell phone and call her mother. She first called 911 but she had the gag on her mouth and the dispatcher hung up on her because she couldn’t understand her.

In the meantime, Kruse came back to the house but when he saw police he turned around. Police later found him and he led them on a high speed chase on Highway 30 before crashing his car into a ditch. Kruse remains paralyzed from the waist down.

In Linn County District Court, he apologized to his family and friends, and his now ex-wife's family and friends. The victim still has nightmares and can't catch her breath due to the attack.

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