Thursday, October 8, 2009

Serial rape-strangler pleads no contest to second rape murder

A serial rapist already serving life without parole for the rape slaying of one woman has plead guilty to a similar crime involving another woman. 26 year old Jerry Lee Williams Jr. of Sanford, FL was sentenced to life without parole, to be served consecutively to a previous life without parole sentence. The LWOP sentence came after a plea of no contest in the rape-strangling of 40 year old Patricia Kimmons of Orlando, a crime which occurred back in 2004. Williams is suspected of attacking at least six Central Florida women between 2003 and 2007.

Williams was on GPS satellite monitoring for rape when he raped and suffocated Lisa Marie French, 39. French's body was found behind a warehouse. Williams plead guilty to that crime back in November 2008 and was sentenced to life. Life without parole is the only life sentence handed down in Florida.

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