Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Husband sentenced to 20 years in bleach attack

A Highland, IN man was sentenced to 20 years in an Indiana prison Monday for attacking his wife with bleach. The incident, which occurred on March 11, 2008, resulted in chemical burns to the face, neck, and upper body to the victim. 38 year old Ronald J. Kownacki was originally charged with attempted murder, but plead guilty to aggravated battery and neglect of a dependant.

The attack occurred with Kownacki using bleach to wake her up. He then tried to make his victim drink the bleach, and when she didn't, punched her in the face. The perpetrator called 911, saying that his wife was unconscious.

The woman, described by deputy prosecutor Judith Massa as a "walking miracle who is lucky to be alive," suffered chemical burns over her face, neck and upper body and bruising and swelling on her face. The woman fought off Kownacki's attempts to make her drink the bleach and bit his finger.

The woman was diagnosed with acute respiratory syndrome and her family was told there was little hope. She was diagnosed with a stroke and numerous blood clots as a result of the attack.

Her need to be there for her daughter is what helped bring her through that ordeal, according to her victim impact statement, read in court. "All I wanted was my daughter. I remember her screaming while I crawled towards her calling out."

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