Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Man who led search for wife he killed sentenced to life without parole for 35 years

A Black River Falls, WI man who killed and then "helped" in the search for her body was sentenced to life in prison with possible release in 35 years yesterday. If Douglas Sidie, now 40, is even released, he'll be under monitoring of the Wisconsin Department Of Corrections for the rest of his life.

Sidie shot to death his ex wife, 27 year old Alisha, using a 22 caliber shotgun to the head in their Hatfield home in Jackson County, WI. He drove her body to Komensky, WI, and left her body face down across a dirt road. Her remains were discovered later.

Meanwhile, Sidie reported Alisha missing, and joined other searchers in trying to find her - actions which rankle the victim's mother, Susan Rowlee.

"Doug searched right alongside me. He promised my grandsons he'd bring Momma home. He knew she was dead and her body was out in the woods. I wake up every morning with a hole in my heart."

The victim's father, Tony Rowlee, said that "For you, Doug Sidie, God might forgive you, but I never will. May you rot and die in prison."

Doug Sidie confessed on November 15 that he had killed his wife in the way described above, leaving 2 year old twin boys without a mother.

Circuit Judge Elliott Levine was brought in from La Crosse county to preside over the trial. John Brinckman, Doug's defense attorney, argued for a 20 to 25 year sentence, while the prosecutor, Jackson County District Attorney Gerald Fox, asked for release after 30 years. The pre sentencing report argued for a life without parole sentence.

In handing down his decision, Judge Levine stated that "When you killed Alisha, you put that bullet not only through her head, but you put it through the hearts of many people sitting in this room. This is a homicide that makes all of us cringe and wonder about humanity."

Brinckman claimed Douglas Sidie was angered by Alisha Sidie's threats to kill his son from a prior relationship but did not plan to shoot her. He delayed his confession so he could spend time with the twins.

"I don't believe his intentions were to torture the public," Brinckman said.

Courtroom tension rose when Douglas Sidie's aunt labeled Alisha Sidie as selfish and verbally abusive. His "stable" life turned "chaotic" when she tried to sever his bond with his other son, Carol Homan told the court.

"Alicia's narcissistic personality caused her own death," she said. "He should not be considered a criminal, rather a victim of abuse."

"Arrest me. That lady is an (expletive) joke," Alisha Sidie's sister, Tracy Rowlee, said as she stormed out the courtroom.

Sidie made a statement to the victims' family, stating that "I know they hate me. I can't say that I blame them," he said. "I can't tell them I'm sorry enough, I can't put it into words … I never meant for this to happen. I never meant for things to go this far."

After the sentencing, the victim's sister Tracy said "I think our family is just kind of like a puzzle with a missing piece. And that's how it's going to be for a long, long time and it will probably always stay like that."

Sidie plans to appeal the sentence.

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