Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rapist, killer of "girlfriend" sentenced to 20-60 years for molesting 7 year old

A convicted rapist and murderer who served prison time for killing his "girlfriend" will now spend an additional 20 to 60 years in the New Hampshire State Prison for molesting a seven year old girl. Forty-four year old George Quintero, formerly of Salem, NH was found April 1 of aggravated felonious sexual assault and felonious sexual assault for molesting a seven year old girl at his house in February 2007.

Assistant County Attorney Karen Springer said that Quintero's past needed to be taken into consideration when sentencing. "I don't think we're trying to make an analogy, but I do think this defendant picked both of these victims," she said.

The judge in Quintero's case agreed, because her statement to the perpetrator was "If ever there was a case that deserved the maximum sentence, this is the case," said Judge Tina Nadeau, who said that Quintero had a proven history of preying on adults and children.

In 1984, Quintero was in the military, stationed in Germany, when he went to his 20-year-old girlfriend's home drunk wanting her to take care of him, Springer said. When she refused, he went to a friend's home. Quintero and his friend decided to return to the woman's home and murder her, she said.

"He punched her in her face four or five times. She tried to scream, tried to yell out. He responded by slicing both sides of her neck," Springer said. "After that, he raped her and so did his friend." The two men stabbed the woman with a knife repeatedly, Springer said.

After admitting to the rape and murder, Quintero was sentenced to 27 years, but got out of prison in May 2001 after serving 17 - a decision that according to the prosecutor, led to the molestation. "Had he done 27 years, it would have taken him into 2012 and we wouldn't be here."

The girl's mother, arguing for the maximum sentence, "She is a typical 10-year-old (now) with scars for the rest of her life. (She) was a victim because of this rapist and murderer."

Richard Samdperil, Quitero's attorney, said that his client had a productive life after release from prison and may have another chance of contributing to society. "When he was released from prison, he worked, he established a new relationship with a girlfriend. He still has the ability to work and contribute to society. All that should be considered."

Salem police Sgt. Michael Kelly, the investigator in the molestation case, said  "He received what he deserved for a sentence. I'm happy for the mother and father of the victim and hope they can all move on with their lives."

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