Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lethal injection of "girlfriend" leads to 20 to life sentence

A Tonawanda, NY man who gave his "girlfriend" a lethal injection after a December 12, 2008 argument was sentenced to 20 to life on November 18. Julius C. Franquet, 42, plead guilty on October 7 to 2nd degree murder for the murder of 38 year old Ann Marie Paciorek, a medical researcher. State Supreme Court Justice Penny M. Wolfgang scolded Franquet after he said "let's get on with this" during his sentencing.

The judge pointed to the "valuable research" the victim likely would have accomplished. Paciorek was a researcher at the University at Buffalo's Toshiba Stroke Research Center and a graduate student at the school.

David G. Jay, Franquet's attorney, called the the case "is a double tragedy," noting Franquet also "had a future in" medicine had his drug addiction not "ruined his life." Jay told the judge Franquet "has taken responsibility" for his crimes.

Dr. Mark Paciorek, the victim's brother, spoke about the control that the perp had over hisyounger sister, and how the murder devastated the family, including the parents of the victim.

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