Monday, November 9, 2009

Ex- convict found guilty of torturing "girlfriend"

Charles Robert Peck Jr, a 51 year old parolee from Acampo, CA with a long criminal history, will probably spend the rest of his life in prison for torturing and assaulting his "girlfriend" earlier this summer. Torture carries a mandatory life sentence with parole possible after 7 years, but Peck's previous Kansas convictions can lengthen his minimum California prison stay if they count as strikes under California's 3 strikes law.

In sometimes tearful testimony, Peck's girlfriend told a San Joaquin County jury about her ordeal, which began June 27.

She said Peck came home, jumped on her in their bed and began beating her. The assault continued and she tried but failed to get away, losing consciousness. When she awoke, she said Peck had wrapped a chain around her neck and fastened it to a pull-out couch. Eventually she gave up, and she said the assaults stopped. Then Peck treated her wounds and even left the home, but she was scared that he was waiting outside for her.

On July 1, she escaped to a nearby road, and flagged down a passing car which took her to the local hospital. She suffered extensive brusing to her face and legs. After two days of deliberation, they convicted Peck of five felonies Thursday, Novemner 5 and found that his Kansas convictions, including one for kidnapping which earned his 21 years in Kansas prisons, were relevant. However, a judge will consider if they should count as strikes at Peck's sentencing.

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