Friday, April 18, 2008

Montana laws and stats on sexual assault

Montana State Law defines sexual assault as:

"Without Consent"Without consent means that the victim is compelled to submit by force or because he/she is mentally defective, incapacitated, physically helpless or less than 16 yrs (45-5-511). According to this definition, sexual contact with anyone incapable of giving consent (e.g. mentally handicapped, physically disabled, or unconscious) is sexual assault. The inability to say "no" because of any of these factors constitutes "without consent."

Force means the infliction, attempted infliction, or threatened infliction of bodily injury, or the commission of a forcible felony, or the threat of substantial retaliatory action that causes the victim to reasonable believe the offender has the ability to execute the threat (45-5-511).Sexual Assault:A person who knowingly subjects another person to any sexual contact without consent commits the offense of sexual assault (45-502). Sexual Intercourse Without Consent:A person who knowingly has sexual intercourse without consent with another person commits the offense of sexual intercourse without consent (45-5-503).

The article also states that parents of 15 to 24 year olds have a duty to teach them abous sexual assault and what to watch out for. These stats about Montana State University assaults are taken from the male anti-rape organization, Men Stopping Rape.

In 2001,Student Health Services & Health Promotion conducted a survey of Montana State University women. A total of 448 responded; the following is a summary of the results:14% reported unwanted sex play13% reported unwanted attempted intercourse (not completed, no penetration)7.8% reported unwanted intercourse (completed, with penetration) Of the 84 women who reported rape or attempted rape, the following results were obtained:Context of Assault66% of incidents occurred at an off-campus residence18% of incidents occurred in a residence hall room27% occurred on/following a "date"24% occurred at/following a party60% of the perpetrators were MSU students87% of the victims knew their assailant27% were "well" or "very well" acquainted with their assailants42% of the perpetrators were non-romantic acquaintances (e.g. friend, classmate)

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