Friday, April 18, 2008

Guard-inmate sex leads to official misconduct charges

(Originally Posted 12-1-07)

An ex-guard at the Milwaukee County Jail has been charged with misconduct in office after having a sexual relationship with an inmate awiating trial for murder charges.

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal (my hometown paper;)

Cindy A. Bartoshevich, 31, faces up to 3 1/2 years in prison. She is accused of having an affair with Michael Carroll, the aftermath of which saw Bartoshevich resign after Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. moved to fire her. According to the criminal complaint, Bartoshevich used her maiden name of Chojnacki to post bail for Carroll at one point and, at other times, used the alias "Penny Berlin" to send him money while in jail.

Other actions taken to further the relationship include buying Carroll $1100 worth of phone minutes. Bartoshevich was released on a $10000 recognisance bond, and ordered not to have any contact with Carroll, who is also a Latin Kings gang member.


Ex-guard charged with misconduct

(Update 4-17-08)

Bartoshevich was sentenced to probation after a lengthy explanation (with some justification thrown in perhaps?) by Milwaukee County Judge Micheal Moroney.

"When Michael Carroll approached me for the first time, I was in a bad situation. I was in a marriage that was falling apart for years and I was finally at my wits end as far as that was concerned," she said.

Bartovshevich also explained that she was diagnosed with cancer recently.

"When the doctor told me the lump on my head was cancer, I cried for two days and thought, yeah, my life can't get worse," Bartoshevich said.

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