Sunday, October 14, 2007

Woman subjected to sexual torture at boyfriend's hands


Boyfriend subjected woman to terrifying rape ordeal

A WOMAN suffered a horrific rape ordeal after she agreed to play kinky sex games with her boyfriend, a court heard today.

Stephen Inglis, 19, bound and blindfolded the 31-year-old, before threatening her with a knife and saying she was to be his "sex slave".

He then raped her, stole her bank card and used it to withdraw £300 before attempting to strangle her with a plastic bag.

The nightmare at the woman's Edinburgh flat, on June 15, began when Inglis asked his girlfriend – who had never had a relationship before – to tie him up before massaging him and pouring hot candle wax on his back.

She then agreed to be tied up, blindfolded and massaged, although she made it clear she did not want to take part in any pain or bondage.

Dr Alastair Brown, prosecuting, told the High Court in Glasgow that Inglis then held a knife to her chin, asking her: "Tell me what this is?" When she replied it was a knife, he told her "good girl", speaking in a calm, precise and measured tone.

Dr Brown said: "He didn't sound angry, but she was uncertain and shocked because they had never done anything like this."

Inglis then stuffed tissues in her mouth and taped over them. He bit her and as she screamed in pain he told her "that's it" and she thought he was going to kill her.

He then ran a bath, forced the blindfolded woman into it before getting in himself. He then tried to burn her blouse with a cigarette and used the knife to cut it open from the front.

Just before she was forced forced to commit a sex act, she pleaded: "Don't kill me, I value my life."

After that, still blindfolded and tied, she was taken from the bath and pushed onto a living room sofa with Inglis telling her: "I think you should be my sex slave for the night."

He then raped her, biting her on the breast and shoulder and telling his victim: "I'd prefer it if you would moan a bit more, it makes it more exiciting for me."

Dr Brown said Inglis told her that his plan to kill her and then himself hadn't worked, and that he would have to leave the country.

Inglis then forced the woman to give him her bank card, PIN number and mobile phone.

Before leaving her he took off her blindfold, but he tied her to the bed, cut the phone lines, and then went to a cash machine to withdraw £300.

When he returned he tried to put a plastic bag over her head and then attempted to strangle her for several minutes.

The victim's eight-hour ordeal ended when Inglis left for a while before returning to untie her and beg for forgiveness. He then left again.

Dr Brown said that the woman feared that if she called the police Inglis would harm her parents. Eventually she phoned them and the police were called.

She was taken to hospital where she was found to have a large number of injuries all over her body including bites and an internal injury.

Dr Brown said that as a result of her ordeal the victim is now frequently tearful, suffers from nightmares, sleep disturbance and flashbacks. She also lost weight and her hair began to fall out.

Inglis, whose address was given as Edinburgh Prison, was found to be sane and not suffering from any mental illness. He denied to police he had raped her and said he considered killing her after she made the rape allegation.

He was originally charged with attempting to murder the woman, but the prosecution accepted his plea of guilty to the reduced charge of assaulting her to her injury and rape.

The judge, Lord Matthews, was told that he had a previous conviction for assaulting a woman, who was a complete stranger, at night.

The judge called for reports pending sentence on Inglis next month.

Taken From The Scotsman

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